I've got no regrets about it.

I hear what you're saying.

She blamed others for her own failure.

I lost my way here last week.

I'm studying economics at university.

Mitch tested positive for EPO.

The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.

Was Mother Teresa a good woman?

Barton is trying very hard not to slip and fall.

My father always ate in this restaurant.


Elaine got out of prison after 30 years.


I was in London last month.


She is as poor as ever.

The average life span of the Japanese has lengthened to a great extent.

We went to Gifu.

This can't be!

He took the trouble to see me off at the station.

I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.

The independent candidate took the abortion issue off his platform.


Manuel didn't have time to eat lunch.

Do it for yourself; not for someone else.

Thad cried for an hour.

This is John and that is his brother.

The soldiers lost the courage to fight.

What Christopher ate almost killed him.

Andrea denied that he had ever met Peter.

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Let me help you with your baggage.


You shall do your duty.

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Nobody will believe his assertion that he is innocent.


It was not long before he was appointed professor.

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It isn't my preferred theme.

This place is too noisy for me.

People make mistakes.


The three men fought as long as possible.


Kristen's sniffling.

You will remain silent until further instructed.

Are you sick of me?

You're just upset.

I thought college would be a more interesting place.


She had a book stolen from the library.

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I couldn't resist.

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Isn't that dangerous?


It doesn't make any sense.

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Howdy folks.

Richard doesn't trust us.

There are big fines for talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving.


Let me help them.


Nature is the only book that provides great content on every page.


Venkata was not apologetic.

There are too many people in that rowboat.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the risks involved.

He left her all alone.

Kazuhiro won't come back as long as Pilot's here.


It's her problem, not mine.


I didn't really do it alone.

I didn't ask you to talk to Ron.

I managed to find his office.

I only can wait.

I'm a member of the tennis club.

Didn't you fix the pump?

Meeks wanted to ask a question, but she didn't.


Did I blow it?

I cooked chick pea soup

I love the rain while I'm studying in my room.

Do you think that's going to help?

Two friends brought him help.

At what time do you generally take a nap?

They passed on their message with the houses they built

Can we rest here a second?

There is a half empty bottle of wine in the fridge.

I think we have to go.

How long has Rob been standing there?

We consider Those to be honest.

Solar energy is a new source of energy.

The faster, the better!

I believe you know the rules.

We're doing everything possible to find Coleen.

I was elated, ecstatic and extremely surprised that we were successful.


What is it you guys are doing?


We'll go out.

His letter doesn't make any sense.

What time is the world going to end?

I don't want to bother her.

Why are you and Sunil fighting?


Stop complaining about the weather.


I don't have time to do that now.


They didn't get along.

I'm your waiter.

I want him to see these.

This one belongs to him.

They exchanged Japanese money for American.

Dan took four sleeping pills.

When does she come home again?

She is in the habit of jogging before breakfast.

The bridge is one mile above.


I still believe that we can get this done before 2:30.

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You don't have to cry out. I can hear you.

Do you think Laurie is still mad at me?

I can't understand your language.


He is leaving for China on an inspection tour next month.

I can try reasoning with Pierette.

I have a slight pain in my side.

What a terrible day!

Both my sisters are coeliacs.

Hirotoshi's parents only stayed together for the sake of the children.

He is not a physician.

Duncan let Ellen play his guitar.

Next year, Ann and Jong will have been married for 30 years!

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We haven't been able to find out where Stephanie got his degree.


Martha is not about to give up now.

I usually have dinner at seven.

My grandmother looks after the children during the daytime.


She has twice as many CDs as I do.

Poets like Milton are rare.

The most precious thing in life is moments.

Everybody calls me Leif.

This hotel has a magnificent view of the sea.

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I'm going to go get him.

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What were you telling him?

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How long is the bridge?

You don't have to be back until tomorrow.

Is it possible to drink salt water?

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Lin is full of energy.


Rafael arrives at his office at around 8 o'clock.

Jingbai is worried for his safety.

We're all best friends, actually.

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Eddie chased after Jussi.

Now, let's turn to work.

Don't go out, as it's raining.


There is no excuse for his behaviour.

Why don't you open a savings account?

I'm pretty sure that tower is 330 meters tall.

Monica forced me to follow him to his room.

I'm very worried about your health.

I may not know a lot, but I do know that Joachim doesn't know what he's talking about.

In the caves one can find stalactites and stalagmites, minerals, plant and animal life.

The child is eating meat.

Santa joined a sorority.


Women's rights are human rights.

Have you ever been to the end of the world?

Jimmy may have already ordered a pizza.


Dan smelled the clothes and found they had a distinct smell of detergent.

Do you believe everything Melinda tells you?

The army of the Gauls was conquered.

I'm sorry that you had trouble finding our house.

The structure isn't strong enough to support that much weight.

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The text is too long.


You have no right to pass judgement on these people.

According to the terms of the contract, your payment was due on May 31st.

The apples were sold out.

Do you think we shouldn't have told Mick about this?

Darren and Simon are going to play tennis.


So, will you do it?

We ran all the way to the station.

Leslie is making fun of Piotr.