They're all fine.


Kenn stared at Jesse for a second.

She was from Kyoto, as was evident from her accent.

There are beautiful flowers scattered throughout the garden.

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You should not worry so much because of the things that happened long ago and not with us.


I don't want to be an outcast.

Who brought you?

Your veins contain water.


It'll take two hours to get there by bus.


Kelvin's guilty.

The mosque was torched in the middle of the night.

I'll never get used to this.


Jean-Pierre has been waiting for it.

What killed her?

I have to agree with her.

It's like nothing I've ever seen before.

That was a costly mistake.

She is politeness itself.

Why did you turn me in?


I don't like Mitchell that much.

How did he know my name?

My father can speak English well.

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Hazel began fixing dinner.

I couldn't do it.

It'll be nice to see everyone again.

Hillel and Heidi are now alone.

I thought you wouldn't come.

Have you called me?

There are three health food stores within walking distance of my house.

He was involved in a traffic accident.

I don't like eating pineapples. They taste quite sour.

The couple took a horse carriage that evening.

Don't blame them.

Here, look at this.

She hit her boyfriend and broke his nose.

Are you an animist?

It's all custom made.

Did you like the bicycle?

He is a compulsive gambler.

Everything he said was right.

I don't think that she knows Hebrew.

My wife used to stay home, but she works now.

"What's your name?" "Bryan." "What's the rest of your name?" "My name is Per, just Win."


What are you looking for in the darkroom?

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I saw a man enter the room.

I told Jose no.

Why didn't you just tell the truth?

Good luck on your test.

I won an award as well.


Boy that was close.

Except for Pitawas, everybody seems to be having fun.

I cannot trust what she says.

We believe it's possible.

I demand a refund!

I'll be able to finish in a day or two.

Naresh and Gil are both dead.


This substance is going from liquid to solid state.

The picture has been drawn well as yet.

Margie seemed very tired, didn't he?

I'm glad Carsten wasn't hurt.

I want to eat something.

Juan will be here until noon.

King led the campaign to end racial segregation and electoral disenfranchisement in the USA using very similar methods to Gandhi in India.

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He feigned not to notice the two strangers.

Although you rushed, you're not ready.

Never turn your back on Leigh.

The parking spaces nearest the door are reserved for executives.

That didn't have to happen.


The cake that Klaus baked looked really delicious.


We gave way to their demands.

He was loved by everyone who knew him.

Delbert hasn't arrived yet.

Her morals are flexible.

If your parents like your job, then it's shit.

My boss dictated a letter for his secretary to type.

I have hot flashes.


I didn't want to talk to anyone.

I'd like to make a person-to-person call to Japan.

May I borrow your lighter?

I doubt those things.

The extra room proved very useful when we had visitors.

Would you like to explain that?

What Granville thinks of Kelly is irrelevant.


The Mediterranean diet seems to be good for our health.


Helen weighs not more than 40 kilograms.

His pride stood in the way of success.

Her feelings were not reciprocated.

I won't fight you.

You can't decrease the size of this file without losing quality.


The thief stubbed his toe on the door.

We can play with language.

You always surprise me.

I will continue to study Latin, because it is really interesting.

How has Starbuck been?

The timing is critical.

She and her twin sister were very close to each other.

Sherri doesn't have a TV at home.

We never had any choice.

Composting helps the environment.

International anarchy destroys every foundation for peace. It jeopardizes either the immediate or the future security of every nation, large or small.

He does not smoke.

Grant became discouraged.

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She is a total stranger to me.

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Watch your head!

How much did you win?

Bernie's father is dead.

He had a little operation on his left leg.

Dan was killed just two days before the trial began.


Have you ever played poker?

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I was wrong about him.

My little sister doesn't like the taste of cottage cheese.

Please get me a scrap of paper.

What is your destination?

Kimmo is unable to cope with stress.

He is a member of the tennis club in our school.

Lowell isn't really afraid of me, is he?


Don't talk rot, Jeannette.

Cellphones are now ubiquitous.

Do you recycle?

He slept soundly.

You'll stay here, Collin.

What she said did not make sense.

A book fell from the shelf and landed squarely on its face.


He hurried so as to catch the bus.


Go tell Jon to get ready.


On the Internet, in most cases, any required information is available for free.

Hey, don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.

Thomas is studying in Manaus.

I need to buy some flea medicine for my dog.

It's best not to leave her alone in that frame of mind.

Do it or die!

The sky was ablaze with fireworks.


You are both in the wrong.

Shawn bought a camera just a couple of days ago, but he's already lost it.

How is everybody?

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No one encouraged him.

He is shearing the sheep.

"How many children do you have?" "I only have one."


I will play Sudoku then instead of continuing to bother you.

You've been demoted.

Tait will be over.

Why don't you carry a weapon?

Don't let envy control your behaviour!

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It's not like we have anything better to do.


Do you think we can do this without Stephe's help?


It's against the law to do that.

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You are the stupidest fellow I've ever met.

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That shipment's been very much delayed.

The unstable security situation in Syria also affects Turkey.

I was afraid you'd say that.


Shadow had some questions he wanted to ask.

When was the last time we met?

I didn't want to tell Noam about this.

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Of course, there are no longer bawdy houses, where these unfortunates are displayed openly to debauched satyrs.

We'll join you later.

You have such a beautiful home.

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Let's hope you're wrong about this.

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Young people used to look down on the rules of society.


They drained their glasses.