These shoes are a little loose.

The hunter shot a fox.

At first, I thought Marcia was joking.

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If you hurry, you can make it.

He's a very capable business man.

She drinks milk.


Thanks for your support.


Why can't we tell her?

More and more people have a computer in their home.

The child was playing with wooden blocks.

Bonnie couldn't restrain his anger.

It is difficult for us to persuade him.

My house is very near the park.

His face was enlightened by happiness.

I'm going to be over here.

I have been to more than ten foreign countries so far.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

Leith struck the wall with her fist.

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What he says is nonsense.

Most scholars believe that the Tetragrammaton should be pronounced "Yahweh".

You get more wisdom as you have more experiences.


Why don't you sit here a moment?


They've bet the farm on it.


It wasn't much of a party.

I heard that a paralyzed man was eaten alive by maggots.

Aviaries are sometimes called flight cages because the birds confined therein have room to fly around.

There's a job opening at the store across the street.

I didn't think you'd want to miss this.

Tanya closed his eyes tightly and endured the pain.

I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.

He was perplexed at the unexpected result.

Hard work never hurt anyone.

Why was I never told about this?

This is the boy who looks like a girl.

He was seen at a local bank.

I've brought you here to meet Glynn.

Please tell me you're not buying this dog and pony show.

We must do it quickly.

Erick didn't expect Joon to show up on time.

This is a picture of his own painting.

The Russians didn't walk on the moon in 1969.

I don't want to take up much of your time.


After rain comes fair weather.

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She has a boyfriend she's been going out with since high school, but she feels their relationship is in a rut, so she's become discontented.


Look up words you don't know in your dictionary.

Jef seemed troubled.

Look, I'm really busy.


They exchanged the New Year's greeting.

I look forward to the day I'll settle up with you.

The ship was ready to sink any time.

Do you have any questions before we get started?

Nobody could decide as to what to do.

When I returned home, my brother was doing his homework.

You should be very proud of Pravin.

We often hear it said that Japanese are good workers.

Jane will never forget this past year. Neither will we.

Izzy can't remember Marc's address.

Do you want the tea hot or iced?

We went to the museum.

Forget about Kris.

We're very serious.

He came across to us as being honest.

I am convinced of your innocence.

That's music to my ears.

Mah forgot to feed the dog.

Mahesh is a convicted bank robber.

A Ltd.'s annual report is worth having a look at.

Saify should've told Vance the truth in the first place.

Have him wait a moment.

Isabelle isn't too bright.

We looked down at the beautiful sea.

Most letters from his wife were read to him by the nurse in the hospital.


You have to acquire real skills, not just superficial knowledge.


I don't go by what he says.

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Please get out of the pool.


We didn't try.

The policy of the government was criticized by the opposition party.

We could do it together.

Yesterday, today was still tomorrow, but tomorrow, today will already be yesterday.

That's exactly what I want.

She is not what you suppose her to be.

It sounds simple, I know.


He gets a kick out of reckless driving.


I remember calling at his house.

I just found them.

Thank you so much for being here.

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Our new headquarters are in Tokyo.

I think you should give Kylo a chance.

They're tears of joy.

Soccer is an exciting sport.

The restaurant is next door to the theater.


Don't start getting paranoid.


I have to go back.

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She knew the teen.

The hospital was barred from doing business for three years.

I don't think you'd like it.

He sketched an apple.

It rained continuously for three days.


She fastened the medal on the lapel with a pin.

I'm no good at dancing.

Why did it have to be him?


This button is loose.

Shelley was a young fool; so are these cocksparrow revolutionaries. But it is better to be a fool than to be dead.

Recently numerous groups have offered counsel.

You know who they are, right?

Bobby is going to try to grow strawberries.

There is an urgent need for more doctors.

I have seen a dog.

Not every student has a dictionary.

You look like an angel.

There's no need to worry.

I thought that Kory was married.

Our trip lasted a long time.

I'll be along soon.

He's the new CEO from the parent company in France.

That's dead easy.

Do you have problems understanding what women and children say to you?

The faint halitus of freshly shed blood was in the air.

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Phillip sat on the floor and cried.

Manavendra is one of the most decent men I know.

How many degrees are you planning on earning?

Do not feed the troll.

Stratford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, is visited by many tourists every year.

Don't stay around here.

I want you to try it.

I have no idea what I'm doing here.

John had a novel idea.

What alleviates the pain?

You warned me, but I didn't listen.


She is among the best artists of today.

Is it true that you just out of prison?

There were razorbill footprints in the sand.

He has more books than he can ever read.

I'll see you then.

Indeed he is young, but he is well experienced for his age.

Please accept our apologies for not filling your order sooner.

She pushed the door shut.

Because the English language has so much technical literature, it may be considered a very masculine language.

I have a right to be on this ship.

Do you sell town plans, please?

Can I ask you guys something?

She is crying.


I'm a creature of habit.


I've got to be very careful, Barton.


There are dead bodies under the cherry trees!

I figured I could be of some help.

I want Dean to know that I didn't mean for this to happen.

Do you think she still wants to see me?

My battery died.

Lately I've had the feeling there has been someone following me constantly.

When did you begin learning French?


What's your favorite sandwich?

Pepe felt his life crumbling down at his feet.

"Doctor, help, I can't feel my legs at all!" "Don't worry, that's completely normal. I amputated them."

It's about three miles from here to the station.

African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants.

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I know it's illegal.


He took advantage of her.

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She discovered that she had run out of salt.


If more than one Esperanto speaker finds the phrase illogical, I will change it.


He has a heart of stone.


My camera is much better than hers.

The enemy kept up their attack all day.

Some students in this university don't even know how to talk to teachers.