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So now that we've talked about what this opportunity is NOT, let's take a minute to Focus on the REAL OPPORTUNITY that exists for you to make extra monthly income in a predictable and sustainable fashion.

It's likely that at some point you've heard of companies like Uber and airbnb that pay everyday people like you or I a fee for providing an out-of-towner with a quick lift to wherever they're going or even allowing them to crash on your couch for the night..

But did you know that there's a virtually UNDISCOVERED set of sites that will pay you COLD HARD CASH to do a variety of drop dead simple tasks?

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Up until now though these sites have only been discovered by a very small number of people and once you see the kind of opportunity that exists, you'll understand why they're not telling anybody.

So by now you're probably wondering, how can I participate in this new economy?

And to answer that question, we've put together a short but comprehensive list of some of the most common tasks being done for money.

Underneath each task is a short list of the best sites to go and get these tasks.

Most of these tasks require absolutely nospecial skills or knowledge. A few DO require basic technical knowledge (can you set up a wireless router?) or handyman skills (can you swing a hammer without hitting your thumb too often?)

Best of all, these sites are growing every single day. And while that means there is going to be more and more work available in the future it also means that you need to get started NOW, before these sites are discovered by the masses and EXPLODE in popularity.

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