There are no witnesses.

Are you still in office?

Do you know how to use these things?

Play dead so you don't get killed!

The car doesn't start.

She's the real racist for saying that.

I wish I had gone with the others to the game yesterday.

Do you want to get drunk?

I wanted to go there.


She does not speak English, and let us not even mention French.

It's time to go to the gym.

Another reason I want to consider is health.

I'm having a really good time.

Keith teaches sport psychology.


Don't call again.


Troy and Collin want you there, too.


He was hounded into quitting.

I never really liked them.

Pia wrote to me, telling me about his trip.

He is carrying out experiments in his laboratory.

They had no more electricity.


May you and your family be happy.

He raises horses and cattle.

Maybe I should end this.


Don't be afraid of making mistakes when speaking English.

Please try again later.

It's very big of you to admit you're wrong.

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Please cease from quarreling.

We'll help you look for Al.

I can't afford to go.

His father would never sanction his engagement to a girl who did not share the same religious beliefs as their family.

He burst out laughing.

Though I admit what you say, I still think you are wrong.

Cathy did it easily.

I can't help loving her.

He hurt himself upon falling.

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I have lucid dreams.


He is the son of a wealthy family.

I'm not as talkative as you.

Did you really think I wouldn't find out that you went there last night?

I can't believe we're talking about this.

What a trash!

Do you want to do something after school tonight?

The work was held up for three weeks.

A gulf divided him from them.

No one I know can afford to eat out anymore.

You don't get up as early as your sister.

She was blind, deaf, and mute.

My mom walked into my room.

Beams of light shone through the clouds.

One has to protect his family.

Should we force it upon you?

Pontus and Louis seem happy together.

Don't do that, OK?

The mayor granted our request.

Vassos is fond of classical music.

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By lack of attention, she hit the post with her car.


They celebrated Sandra's success in getting a promotion.

He is a bit of a grouch in the morning.

He raised me.

What are the world's three most frequently performed operas?

I don't give lessons.

I didn't have anything better to do.

It's all, of course, good and well, but where do I come in?

I met you; that is enough.

I was out of breath and sat down.

We all caught flu, and so did the teacher.

Tigger has Russell's car keys.

Tell us why you went to see Gill.

I told him that I wasn't tired.

We mustn't burn our forest, because it is the source of the oxygen we breathe.

Jwahar quickly hid the bottle.

I watched a great movie yesterday.

You met my sister, didn't you?

Do you feel it, too?

Jean-Christophe may have already done that.

I have something I need to talk to you about.

Maurice changed his job.


Can you take a break?

I lost my wife due to a traffic accident.

I don't think I've ever heard you play guitar before.

The new school year begins in April in Japan.

The food here isn't fit to eat.

Thanks, buddy!

I said we don't have to hurry.

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It's our one hope.

I am grateful to you for your help.

Humans were never meant to live forever.

Chastity extended the youth.

The workmen arrived early, bringing their ladders.

As the Colorado River spills through seven southwestern states and parts of Northern Mexico, more than 35 million people depend on its water.

Lucifer has more friends than Bryce.


Drew put aside a lot of money.

It just broke.

There is no foreign land; it is the traveller only that is foreign.

Talking like this, we are getting nowhere.

That's no longer a problem.

Teflon griddles are nearly unusable.

His argument was based on facts.


Do you like my new Halloween costume?

In Clarissa's new novel, extraterrestrials pursue the ambitious goal of presenting all the life forms in the galaxy in a single vast menagerie. Individual humans are also carried off for this purpose and -- due to the enormous diversity of species -- thrown together with the apes of the planet Earth, without distinction. John found that highly offensive.

It's his first time.

He is my father.

Everyone looked at Laurie like he'd lost his mind.


That can't be!

Adana is famous for its kebab and Hatay for its kanafeh.

Hey, where are you taking me?

Jeffie didn't go to the market.

Jiri heard Marcia go upstairs.

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I want to see Brodie hit a home run.

You worry too much about Carol.

Brian lost his money.

This is my umbrella.

I had to park two blocks from here.

You shouldn't be doing that.

They are both well-known columnists, but they work at rival newspapers.

Someone is calling for help.

He likes English very much.


We should tell the children how to defend oneself.


I'm not going to sell it.

Leave my house.

Do you know any martial arts to be traveling like this?

He sails to Sweden.

He was brilliant in the morning sun.


I hope that's true.

Grant suggested to Alex that she apologize to John.

Americans pay both federal taxes and state taxes.

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Tell me what's happening.

Leverage is to debt as lever is to what?

I'm sure he'll be as good as his word.


I was crying when he released her.

I don't know what Marvin is so upset about.

I'm just asking.

I'd rather have a room of my own, however small it may be.

To the best of my knowledge, no.

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They do not want any more food because they are full.

She is badly off.

We arrived at the station as the train was leaving.

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Pay attention to the road.

What do you think really happened?

I was very nervous as the plane took off.

Put your guns down!

I have pictures of Max.

Art will meet me later.

Did you make up your mind?

There's too much sport on TV.

It being hot, she was wet with sweat.

Merril died three weeks before I got out of prison.

Dewey and I bought that house on Park Street.

Many young people are out of work in that country.

"Where's Christopher?" "Beats me."

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We need to get in touch with Grant's parents.

There is chance that he will be corrected because reason is the guiding principle of his life

I'm having a hard time understanding you.

I just gave Sir 30 dollars.

Willie went to an electronic music festival.

I'll see you tomorrow morning.

What did you eat last night?

His ironical remarks aren't directed at you.

Let's all go to Clarence's.

How far is it from your house to town?

I will do it gladly.

You're original.

Is this the bus for Park Ridge?

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The government are being criticised from all sides.


I can't let her know.


I thought Alf would appreciate the gift from Monica.

After a long wait in line, she was told she should get a certified copy of her birth certificate as identification.

As a result of a traffic accident, several persons were killed.


Clarissa was never very good at cooking.