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I'm trying my best.

How about going to see a movie with me?

I have bleary eyes.


I don't want any rice.

These shirts are identical.

Some people don't like swimming at all.

I don't know how much more time it'll take.

What's going on up there?

Knute made Guido forget her old lover.

We must talk her out of this foolish plan.

It has been raining on and off since morning.

I had my military service in Ankara.

I didn't want to cause a scene.

Would you like to sit on my knee?

Damone said it was cold in Boston this time of year.

Tell her in person.

Why did Takayuki call?

This is a sensitive issue.

He often shuts himself up in the study and writes things like this.

Wait up. I'll go brush my teeth.

Glenn doesn't like this one bit.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin.

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He sometimes goes to work by car.

It's very warm today.

Allan adopted our idea.


He let on that he was a lawyer.

This is kind of sad.

I can't believe you did this.

When does Blair want to do this?

The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during the battle.

She wants to keep a cat.

Lindsey drove to school.

I know you're hiding somewhere.

She came back in about thirty minutes.


No one can cope with him.

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The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.

Are you waiting for her?

There's a cat on the desk.

Andrew missed the last train and spent the night at an Internet cafe.

They all looked for the lost child.

I cleared the table.

Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles.

Let's get organized.

I promise to leave you alone.


What do you infer from her strange behavior?


Afterwards, the witnesses testified.

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You're stronger than the rest of us.

Wait a minute, Chuck!

Three times five is fifteen.

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I'm not a financial expert.

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Kieran turned on the air conditioner.

Where is my brother?

I had no choice but to do what Lum asked me to do.

You will ruin your health if you drink too much.

It'll be fine, Norman. It's just a storm.

You won't be able to try it.

She is unconscious of her sin.

I won't tell anyone.

I bought a new fishing rod.

You can trust him. He'll never betray you.

I felt something crawling on my back.

You're my man.

Maybe it's best not to tell Jim.

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Amarth really likes Clifford a lot.

It is necessary to examine all possible consequences.

It's not wrong, but it's rarely written like that.

I just heard from him.

Please don't make me go back there.

What was it that caused you to change your mind?

I don't see the difference.

Louiqa is going to put his house up for sale.

Knapper can't go.

Can I give you a hand with that?

Your strategy was good.

You have to turn left at the second light.

It was not difficult to pretend to be my mother.

She was a girl with finely chiseled features.

You're my beloved.

She was just about to take a bath when the bell rang.

She works so hard that she can get good results.

We add hundreds of sentences.

Your watch gains time.

Roman is baking a pizza.

He concentrated his attention on what she said.

I got her a wrist watch.

Hank paused for a few seconds.


We want to take the next step.

Interestingly, Hogwarts Quidditch players are allowed to use whatever broomsticks they like or their sponsors can afford, despite the fact that more expensive brooms often confer great (and arguably unfair) advantages in speed and manoeuvrability.

Robin had ulterior motives.


Why wasn't Raif invited?

I'll help them.

Have we met somewhere before?


I usually eat outside.

Stop showing off!

He went to the barber shop.

Bluefin tuna can live up to 40 years.

You may see me there.

Don't blame it on them.

What are you discussing?


Don't release that dog.

Have you ever sold a car?

Angus never once hit me.

Has Spyros told you why he doesn't want to stay?

Could the last one out turn off the light?

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Hey, thanks for the help.

We need to reduce labor costs.

Gregge has a bit of a fever.

Literature flourishes best when it is half a trade and half an art.

Spike forgot to bring his tennis racket.

Ellen picked up John's briefcase and handed it to him.

He joined the opposing team.

The meeting will be held this afternoon.

This weekend Page and Shel plan to go on a double date with John and Alice.

Pierce swam yesterday.

Always program as if the person who will maintain your code is a maniac serial killer who knows where you live.


I am going to husk rice.

The political situation was, to say the least, extremely unstable during the next ten years of his reign.

Marie wants to ask us a few questions.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.

A goose is a water bird.

This is an incredibly hard decision for Stagger.

I hope you're insured.

I'll pray for them.

Eduardo must've been there a couple of hours.

You can sleep in if you want.


There are a few disadvantages to it.

Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

I think Shamim is smarter than that.

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He showed a lot of skill.

Everybody in the family wore glasses except for Ira.

She was dressed in a faded cotton skirt.


He is accurate in his work.

For many people that was the realization of a dream.

She needed the entire afternoon for that job.

He will not be ready.

Tanya needs to be here tomorrow.

It wasn't a coincidence.

I'm fed up with your attitude.

Some boys made away with all the ripe fruits on my persimmon tree.

I would see Mr White.

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Their trip in 1903 lasted 63 days.

The police officer put a piece of paper in front of him.

I told you the truth when I told you I loved you.

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Subra's native language is French.


Our apple tree is blooming.


If you had left home a little earlier you would have been in time.

Joanne was hiding under the table.

I'm just a little wheezy.

You're dependable.

The movie was nowhere near as bad as Ozan said it was.

I'd like Jean-Christophe to rest.

I'm sick of this game.

Son persuaded her into going to the movies with him.

I'm sure there's something in the box.


The post office is adjacent to the library.

Daniele is only a few centimeters taller than Claudio.

It's just so unexpected.

Monkey Bingo is the exciting new way to play bingo.

What importance did Nationalism have?

There are people who don't like spinach.

The girl who was playing the piano is my daughter.

Don't lash out at me just because my brother treated you badly.

Whoever knocks get opened up to.


Damone said he wanted me to be at the meeting this afternoon.

Never use a cannon to kill a fly.

Anita was in pain, but tried to hide it.

He got the book for nothing.

The water was ice cold.

Where did you put her picture?

What a mean fellow!

He found it hard to put his ideas across to his students.

I am looking at the matter from a different viewpoint.