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It would've been possible.


Did you accomplish your purpose?

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I couldn't stand.

I was born in Boston, but I was brought up in Chicago.

I cannot accept.


This house belongs to my uncle.


I've never seen her around here.

I have two cousins.

I'll come to pick it up later.

Geoff had a skiing accident.

I'd like to hear that from her.

His jokes don't please all patients in the hospital.

Linder said goodnight to Nancy.

That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.

My nose is stuffed up.

We are all equal here.

We were told Clyde wanted our help.

I'm the baby of the family.

Dan didn't even have shoes on.

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You had better ask the doctor for advice.

Frederic's shy.

That must've been fun.

I can't communicate with Juliane like I used to.

Who's coming to our party?


Can I take your order now?


Have you seen them recently?

She troubled herself to take me to the house I was looking for.

We are born crying, spend our lives complaining, and die disappointed.

Timo gave Granville a quick kiss and walked out the door.

Before deciding, I would like to consult with my family.

There is also a toilet on the fourth floor.

Do you dye your hair?

Moran wasn't having a good day.

I'll make the room comfortable.

I stayed home all day long reading novels.

Everything's in the car.

He can't tell the true from the false.

I'll treat you to sushi.


In Australia, they speak English.

Rand's rather busy just now.

Let's try.


We believed you.

This steel must not be tempered.

She values health above wealth.

The referee must be fair to both teams.

There were twenty or so people there.

What would've happened if Milner had come?

You can't go anywhere by yourself.

That's great news.

I owe you 300 dollars.


I used to be really cis, but by now I've become pretty genderqueer.

We're understaffed right now.

Mats's signature is illegible.

I've seen what happens to anyone who opposes Trey.

What have you heard?

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You've got to talk to him.

My plan is still better than yours.

I'm sorry that happened to you.


I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

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Ranjit should've eaten more.

Have you ever basked in the sun of the Sahara desert?

You should look up that word.

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She keeps a lover in another town.


I made a list of the students' names in alphabetical order.

If you trust such a fellow, you'll lose everything you have.

Mehrdad asked Gerard to stay at home until the babysitter got there.

It's not like it just happened.

No joy without alloy.

We just met yesterday.

Answer at once when spoken to.

Will you give me a job?

Dan encouraged Linda to report the rape.

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That is what the British people expect of their Queen.

Even if you rack your brains over it, you won't solve it.

I'd do this again if I had the chance to.

We have never done it before.

Many people hire accountants to help them with their tax returns.

I thought Vince and Chris were going to Boston.

One day someone tagged the Tales of Columbus as "lie" on Tatoeba, and Columbus came to remove them.


You're hiccupping again.


Today's rate is 140 yen to the dollar.

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When we're bored, we play hangman.

We're just about ready to go.

I'm going because I want to.


It pays to advertise.


Is this the Oosakayaki I hear about?

Sedat thought that Mosur was probably over thirty.

And what should we do?

My car is red.

She painted a vivid picture of the event.

Virtue is insufficient temptation.

Have you ever seen a shark over three meters long?

I learned a lot from him.

The population of the town dropped by a third.

It's safer.

This initiative follows the DCA phone conference on Dec 17 attended by 40 people from 27 firms.

That wasn't easy, you know.

I still love Lester very much.

I used to ride my bike at weekends.

But I don't think it's at all odd.

Loren will be thirty in October.

Have you told Elaine you're here?

Isaac ought to be here.

What are my options?

Astronauts use tethers to keep tools from floating away. They tether their tools to their spacesuits.

Raja has put on more weight.

I was in an agony of discomfort.

Paula left the room to call her mother.

Brandy likes to sit on the dock playing his tin whistle while looking at the sunset.

Please include lots of small change.


Jinny never raises his voice.

I'm not letting you escape from here.

Shades of earth are ringing through my open view inciting and inviting me.

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I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.

The bar was so crowded you could hardly move.

I think Rhonda will be all right.

This agreement is invalid, unless you bring it in black and white.

The city has rapidly expanded recently.

I know that man who is sitting there on the other side.

He always kept his promises.

Have you ever lied to your mother?

I never thought it'd be this hard to find an appropriate birthday gift for Angus.

Painting was the great love of his life.

It appeared that war would come.

Part doesn't know where Ritchey is right now.

Many of these disadvantaged children had never seen a book before.


She was absent due to a cold.

I had my suitcase carried to my room by a bellboy.

I wonder who left these.

Today is Ritchey and Gordon's wedding anniversary.

Let me go!

Kate is very charming.

Lajos said that three years ago he wanted to live in Szeged.

Archie taught his children how to play chess.

I find it necessary to be able to say what I feel.

There are good and bad moments in live.

You must come quickly.

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Could you please tell me the truth?

They married on Christmas Eve.

I'm very sorry for having caused the accident.

It's only blood.

Do you feel secure about the future?


Eliot was a handsome and kind man.


What exactly was your problem?

Don't be silly! We're just friends. Good friends.

I'll take over.


He was sitting side by side with his brother.

The train gained speed gradually.

I got a flat tire on the way to work today.

Ric said you might be able to help.

Celia's will is going to be read tomorrow at 2:30.

This room is for VIPs.

Rajiv vehemently denied the accusations.


This word has been in my notebook for a long time.


Ask Marco if he speaks French.

The teacher thought I was cheating.

Spencer hasn't been replaced.


The auction ends Monday.

Do you know where Tokyo Tower is?

In marriage, one can share the worries that were never had alone.

When will you call?

He was elected governor of Texas in 1994.


That's when we should carry out the plan.

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Alex would correctly describe the object and color, even if he had never seen that object before.


Jock said he had been ill.