Is Mann dating someone?

Skeeter was disappointed.

His right leg was asleep.

Admission is free for preschool children.

Have you ever heard the saying: "Lying leads to thieving?"

Hail and farewell, brother.

He's a bit jealous.

The plane was lost sight of in the clouds.

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Our town was added to the list of the most beautiful towns in the country.

He found that all his efforts amounted to nothing.

Bring your racket and we'll play some tennis.

Hy misses his family a lot.

I will wait for you before school starts.


It's your night off.

The wounded were transported with an ambulance.

You can use my desk if you want.

You've brightened my day.

It's my stomach that's bothering me.

I've been looking for a job a long time.

It's nothing we can use.


But you're not there.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend.

Let's compare the translation with the original.


I felt an uncomfortable tightness in my chest.

The boy's plan was to study medicine and return to Saint Croix as a doctor.

For over three hundred years, the Great Red Spot has been observed on Jupiter.

Panzer had to go to the hospital.

My wife hates cats.


We should have given you up for adoption.

She studies audiology.

Whom did you give it to?

Where do you keep your gardening tools?

Red wine goes well with meat.

We don't know what the next day will bring.

Can you adapt yourself to the new job?


I knew exactly what to do.

The economy has been resructured.

Don't play games with me!

Spring is my favourite of the four seasons.

Hui heard everything they said.

I fail to understand what the problem is.

Where is Dale buried?

It was worse than I thought it would be.

Hands up!

He fetched a few cushions to prop up her head.

He's her friend.

They were fainting.

It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.

They are a poor family.

I hope you'll be able to see Rhonda soon.

We spent hours trying to find a solution to the problem.

You should talk to us.


Amy and Gunnar have almost nothing in common.

What's the minimum salary in Mexico?

Will you have lunch with me?


Gale made a decision.


Eduardo often goes fishing.

I'll call you as soon as I get to Boston.

My sister sang an English song at the party.


Marlena was here with Michel yesterday afternoon.

They compete in ski races.

I was about to leave my house.

Vistlik said he would come to the party.

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

I met Phillip a couple of times.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

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When does school start?


He has a large house and two cars.

They met on the beach.

Alison spends most of his spare time practising the guitar.


Jesse is a government official.

What do they want from us?

"Aren't you glad about the news?" "I am, but I'm not surprised at all."


What is important for you?

The true value of a man does not lie in what he has.

He can do it.

You don't want this.

Shirley is going to contact you.

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The boys were banging about upstairs.

I say "should", because theses written in the present tense are still seen around and about.

I'll go and buy some chocolate.


She lives on milk and vegetables.

Sweet oranges are not very sour.

Does he need the book?

I didn't say I liked it.

Tracy ran back to Gerald and hugged her.

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There were so many things to do.

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It's so exciting.

I need those.

In that case, let's go.


That's always a big concern.

I don't swim.

Tell them to start.

Many a person who flees temptation secretly hopes that it will catch up to him.

Our train already left.


I do not like the rich.

Are you saying Carisa isn't Canadian?

In a solid rocket, the propellants are mixed together and packed into a solid cylinder. Under normal temperature conditions, the propellants do not burn; but they will burn when exposed to a source of heat provided by an igniter. Once the burning starts, it proceeds until all the propellant is exhausted.

Would you slow down?

I am pleased to see you again.

They must lose.

What's the minimum salary in South Africa?

You're really the best when, and only when, it comes to angering people.

Martha sprang at me in a rage.


You need to be more attentive.


He took care of Russ's red cow, for he knew how to tend cattle and make himself useful.


I was in the water.

I never could do it.

Yes indeed, it certainly is.


They all cheated.

There's something I forgot to say.

He read a book all morning.

He was surprised by what he saw.

Divorce is always painful.

Are you having any difficulty breathing?

Isn't this fun, Liyuan?

Dominic is the perfect man for you.

I'm going to become the best.

Clyde seems real sweet.

They won't find her there.

That one is a migratory species.

Well, he's a right scallywag.

Bryan doesn't yet know whether he can go or not.

Dylan speaks French well, but not as well as he speaks English.

OK, here's the donation ... 10 yen each. Here you go, Mihane.

How did you know I was from Boston?

He has great enthusiasm.

She's learning Esperanto.


I don't like you that much.


Miss, are there any available rooms for tonight?

I get lonely when the cat is outside all day.

We're not in school anymore.

Nate almost died today.

I'm not the one who broke the window.

It is easy to make a man one's friend, but hard to keep him so.

He was beaten black and blue.

She likes ice cream.

You can always sleep on my couch.

The mayor's proposal will contribute to getting the streets repaired.

You go and get Elias and then come back here.

It's interesting, isn't it?

Who's your favorite jazz violinist?

You can't have both of those.

Adam was lucky yesterday.

The toast is cold.

I forced him to carry the suitcase.


A string of disasters struck the region.


I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

He wondered what to do about the wallet he was holding.

Frances described the scenes.

In the greatest of all works of art everything had been realized, I could give nothing, and my restless mind tired of passive contemplation.

Michael Jackson was the most famous singer in the United States.

I have been writing since two o'clock without a break.

It is clear that Mike took the wrong bus.

That might not be a good idea.

You guys looked mad.

He said that Tokyo is a safe city.

We can't afford to keep doing things the way we've been doing them.

It's always worth a try.

I'm really happy that we won.

Don't tell Josh and Srinivas.

Sorrel has a lot of experience.

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

I don't want to walk home.

There's something over there.

She covered her shoulders with the blanket.

I keep nothing a secret from you.

Read as much as possible.

I couldn't let him go.

No man can serve two masters.

A flash of lightning suddenly lit up the dark nocturnal landscape.