He's really selfish.

I want to have a telephone installed.

I'm not covering their pool.

You're a billy-goat.

You are making a big mistake.

As far as I know, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

I want to do something with my life.

I wonder if Barry realizes how lonely I am.


He is absolutely the right person for the job.

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Volunteers are always welcome.

My friends want to do business with South American firms.

I know everything.

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Can you do this yourself?


I'm not overwhelmed.


Doug is anxious, isn't he?

We'll let you know what we find.

I need someone now.

Are there enough people?

I'll tell him when to go.

I've never seen a plane fly over this island.

I didn't say this was heaven.

Come with us.

You should keep this machine clean and lubed.

I suppose I'd better be more careful the next time.

It is not good to tell a lie.

Tobias got up and went into the other room.

We don't know exactly when it happened.

He abandoned himself to grief.

It is not wise to go by his word.


Is Moe going to get his money back?


Grace is warming himself by the fire.

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That would not be appropriate.

Could you get Barry some coffee, please?

What did you find so fascinating about the speech that I gave yesterday?

He doesn't seem to be aware of the problems.

What did you say? Dead?

He studies very hard.

Josip found a four-leaf clover.

What have I done to deserve this?

Daryl doesn't seem very sure.


I'm all washed up.

A haiku ought to have a word that pins it to a season.

Will was laid off.

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I took my car to have it serviced today.

I wanted to do more.

I've had my say.

I love him, but he lives in Germany.

All Laurence really needed was a hug.

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Is there something you aren't telling us?


No one noticed you.

Don't let me be misunderstood.

I'd never seen that before.

A hammer was used to break the window.

I'm as tall as he is.

Please don't do that again.

Juha asked everyone questions.

Can I eat this?

He put down the pencil on the desk.

They tasted the bread.

We are eating.

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Curt clocked out at 2:30.

She's away on vacation.

Betty gave me $300.


Ritchey had a rough night.


I'm not like her!


Sanand has already left on her trip.


The office has been topsy-turvy since the merger upset everything.


I'd do it.

Emily is learning some Turkish.

When I take a deep breath, a pain runs down the right side of my back.

I wouldn't worry about that.

You can use Tatoeba to test yourself.

Let me just go talk to her.

Don't bank too much on that business.

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The vending machine is out of order.

This time is no different.

I saw the old man two or three times a week.

There is no pleasure without pain.

Sing it again, Jitendra.


Is Hirofumi on duty?

You do good work.

He was confused by the abrupt question.

Both of us plan to be at your party.

Let's see what Deb has to offer.


He is no less wise than his brother is.

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Sentences begin with a capital letter.


My watch needs mending.

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You need money?

There are too many tourists.

Don't say anything unless someone asks you a question.

Will they be the only ones doing the work this weekend?

The weather seemed favorable for the test flight.

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I always wash my clothes on week ends.

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I love arguing with Amanda.

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He calls me Pete.

What criteria do you use in deciding who to vote for?

I have been a disappointment to my parents.

We aren't sure what should be done.

They put a spoke in his wheel.


We felt all caged in.

I think we don't need to stay here any longer.

Jitendra predicted it.


Here's the bus.

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Why is the helicopter flying across the city?

I am very sorry.

As he had worked longer than usual, he felt tired.


I just mentioned it because I know a lot of people who worry about that.

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Where's my husband?

The police charged him with leaking information to a neighboring country.

Today is your lucky day.

Spend whatever you need to spend.

I feel guilty.

They should've noticed me.

His novel has been translated into Japanese.

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It's easier than it looks.

We're wealthy.

How he eats!

He didn't know what he couldn't do.

What's the secret?


That's a plan that sounds likely to be cancelled by rain.

What'll we talk about?

She looked for her bag here and there.

The boy was bored with home routines that were dull and unchanging.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is true.

Has everyone got all of their suitcases back?

Get a hold of yourself, Major.

The door is open. I'll go and shut it.

Do you have cough drops?

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I paid him the money due to him.

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Won't you go with me to the river?

I've been to Boston twice.

They assessed the land at nine million yen.

The pamphlet is free of charge.

Case took one of the shirts out of the closet and put it on.

Why are you being so nice to me?

Please don't ask me to do that again.


What's the idea behind that?

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Let's go downstairs for dinner.

Generally speaking, gambling is frowned upon.

It's important to me that we find Pascal.

He's a man of outstanding character.

Where's your magic wand?

You'll take care of that.

She begged him to stay with her, but he left home as quickly as he could.

In America elderly people are not given the same degree of respect they receive in many other countries.

What must be done when a patient has convulsions?

Winston was about to burst out crying.

Nicolette put money into the tip jar.

It is ten years since my grandfather died.

I said take your time.


How many sisters does Martyn have?

The teachers teach.

I don't need to be told who you are.


Aaron knows where I hide my key.

Who's paying for the gas?

Let's start at the beginning.

Surprisingly, he was good at singing.

Hey, you there!

There must be a machine somewhere what creates dozens of sentences about the acts of Russell and Old.

We all stared at Val.