"Lead me not into temptation," said the frog to the fly.

Good night. Have sweet dreams.

Can you write that down please?


I suggest you take a closer look at the contract.

Please note that the price is subject to change.

I'm coming over to your place.

Roberta got a job.

It explains a lot.


Do you know when the musician will come here?

I'm still going to talk to Gunter.

This is my favorite gingerbread cookie recipe.

Do not talk nonsense!

Tovah won't want it.

The police set up a radar trap.

I have Russian friends.


It's easy to say, but it's not easy to do.

He ended up in jail.

When it started raining, Roderick's hair dye ran down her forehead.


Barrio ate nothing.

Why do you like smearing China so much?

It's really hard to tell.

Is eating liver bad for you?

Nicolette has three grandchildren.

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Jwahar is an assistant professor.

I would like to order one coffee machine (Model 25-A) and have enclosed your order form.

It was her fault.

They saw little need for labor unions.

You have a good reputation.


In this respect, you're right.


This road leads to the station.


We express our thoughts by means of words.

Greg is my friend, you know.

As the catterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.


What more do you need?

What makes you think I wrote that?

I was reading.

Boyd almost died tonight.

It's a good movie.


Gail just confessed.

A hundred minus ninety is ten.

Jinny looks like he's having a bad day.

"So you think it was John who stole my wallet?". "I don't know, but I wouldn't put it past him."

Louiqa will be out for hours.

That's my goal.

Carole wrote a message on a slip of paper.


She made little of her mother's advice and went out alone.

I don't intend to keep talking to them.

You smile.

How do you like that?

I've never seen you like this before.

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I don't like when mothers yell at children.


Myrick eats hotdogs whenever he can.


I wrote to inform him of my decision.

That one over there's really cute.

Russ answered his front door.

I think I can fit you into my schedule.

Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.

Noemi never was very good at French.

I share everything with him.

I think it'll turn out fine.

I always catch a cold in the winter.

The radio doesn't work.

Judas could no otherways betray him than by giving information where he was, and pointing him out to the officers that went to arrest him.

In order to improve the students' attitude to their studies, the school let them start class an hour later.

You're a genius.


We have to call her.

Health is indispensable to a happy life.

The problem came about as time passed.

He is as great a statesman as any.

Who's that girl with the red sash?


Scientists believe that the particles in Saturn's rings came from the destruction of moons circling the planet. As comets and meteorites smashed the moons, Saturn's gravitational pull shaped the particles into rings.

It is often said that the Japanese are hard workers.

She put on the brakes and the car stopped.

His rival was discouraged by his triumph.

Louiqa poured cold water over his head.


Takayuki didn't want to eat after all.

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I never intended to hurt anybody.

We have only one objective.

I am correcting my mistakes.

She sang well as a child.

"Where is Thessaloniki?" "In Greece."

You have only to push this red button.

Such a project has of course demanded a revised budget.


Hsuan is a potential babysitter.

Ethan almost never eats breakfast.

Why do you need money?

Jack left right after Sunil did.

Glass breaks easily.


That isn't the same.


Our team achieved five medals in total.

We have had enough of rain.

They're all fine.

He loves Australia.

God doesn't exist.

I don't want to spend any more time than necessary cleaning the house.

The corridor was so crowded that we couldn't walk.

She counted all of the flowers in the garden.

It's too noisy in here.


What the devil is that?


Malaclypse and Bradford are almost done.

This clip runs viral in Twitter.

The Oort Cloud is believed to surround our solar system and reach over halfway to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 150,000 astronomical units away.

Does it matter?

Darryl shut the lid.

This road leads to Hong Kong.

How long is the movie?

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Edmund suspected that Kathryn was lying to him.

Weren't you angry?

Do you see any problems with us not attending that meeting?

French is a hard language, isn't it?

The school's gates open at 8 o'clock.

Even for quarrels, a common language is needed.

Skeeter got out of the jeep.


We have some rose bushes in front of our house.

We really need that.

Let's take turns rowing.

Raul threatened me.

I consider making mistakes an important part of the learning process.

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Sanche won't play tennis today.

People with physical disabilities abhor being pitied.

Can you explain that to me?

My new dress is red.

I've got too much to do.

Aren't you going to join me?

Sangho told me his life's story.

Devon says he eats more when he's sad.

He shall not come here again.

Lunch is served at noon.

Please say that once again in French.

She began to sweat.

I know what you guys are eating.

I'll pretend this never happened.

Cynthia took out three eggs.

I got to the station this morning.

Every translation will be translated again.

A fowl flying up from water is careful not to make it turbid.

He has a mysterious talisman in the form of an eye.

Boyd found it fairly easy to follow Jerry without being seen.

I cannot force you to do what I say.

I'm champing at the bit like a wild horse.

I'm the winner.

I have an opinion.

His girlfriend was not supportive.

He has got cancer.

He still writes novels from time to time, but not as often as he used to.

Do you sometimes go abroad on your holidays?

She admits that she won the genetic lottery.

Intuitively, the basic atomic unit of meaning is a word.

Both of my parents died when I was five.

The woodland was parceled into farms.

Cats sometimes chew on plants.

This bridge is three times as long as that bridge.

I used to hate him.

Denis didn't believe a word.

Maarten saw that Nelken was upset.

The man sitting next to me spoke to me.

The music stopped for a minute.

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We'll wait until it's dark.

Is there anything that you want to tell me?

Lalita called.


He accomplished the work as planned.


I hope Siegurd sticks around.

Jiri likes to wear tight pants.

There are stereotypes of Scotland.

The button came off.

Do you want to go for a swim with me?

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Per was very patient.

What is it about macarons that people like so much?

I can endorse that.