Walk more slowly.


Emily is a student.

He collapsed on the floor.

In June of 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space when she rode aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger.

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If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

Lindsey read the French translation and thought it sounded OK.

Tim lives with his mother.


What is the advantage of that technology?

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I've been pretty fortunate.

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Alert, in Nunavut, Canada, is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.

Did you get what you went for?

Nobody knows what really happened except for Kent.

There will be a lot of alcohol at the party.

The dog jumped over a chair.

According to a survey, three in five people today are indifferent to foreign affairs.

I look after a cat and a dog.

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That smells like trouble.

I think you look tired.

Life's short.

Sorry that I can't accept your love.

They had no qualifications.

You might want this.

As for me, I have nothing against the plan.

Would you like a plastic bag or a paper bag?

Are you ready to go out?

It's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow.

If the source is not specified, a quote is not a quote but plagiarism.

Johann didn't have to help, but he did.

If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Konstantinos has just finished setting up.

Don't try to be a hero now.

I lost my travelers checks.

I was fool enough to do so.

Many people are unable to comprehend the actions of hackers.

Reiner unlocked the door, and then stepped aside to let Lynn enter first.

Blair will be here any minute now.

Is my Esperanto sentence correct?

Ginny didn't really understand.

I told him to leave the room.

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Owen hasn't seen Antonio in weeks.

We held a party in honor of the 20th anniversary of our company.

Either all or none.


Pascal has a lot of gray hair.

Valeria wants to become a surgeon.

Palm oil is destroying the rainforest.


His eyesight is bad.

All day long there was a steady stream of people going in and out of the bank.

Christopher admitted his fear.

Al loves trains.

Give me an exact answer.

Put your room in order.

Recent comics have too many violent and sexual scenes.

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Are the children at school?

He acquired a vast amount of wealth in these few years.

We've been stuck here for three months.

The world without anime would be like a washing machine without Internet-access.

I don't want to die now.

If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.

Lisa had a pain in his chest, so he went to the hospital.

This is made in Kazakhstan.

I'm going to kill you for wasting my time.


It's not up to me.


Kari was very hardworking.

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My heart was filled with joy.


I resented his superiority.


Terrance said he saw Sho tonight.


I love writing on yellow or other colored paper.

I can't look at this anymore.

Aren't you worried that you'll miss your train?

I just tell the truth.

I appreciated the opportunity.

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You must be a very violent guy.

Stanly told Barry she should study harder.

Hawaiian has the shortest alphabet: seventeen letters.

The red lines on the map represent railway lines.

I'm really happy to be back.


I've had enough to eat already.

Kevan isn't likely to do that.

I decided to ask my friend for help.

The train has arrived here now.

What do you think is the best way to get to Joseph's house from here?

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I've never seen him so angry.

Does Donovan still play the guitar?

They were too naive to understand the necessity of studying.


I wish it wasn't so hot.


I'm having dinner now.

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If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

Her skirt is totally out of fashion.

They're working hard to get the cable laid in time.

Please don't ask me about them.

I'm glad you got a dog.

What's your favorite movie?

Helge didn't buy it.

Dan left for school at seven thirty.

Klaus goes to school.

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Naresh got up from behind the desk.

You hate parties, don't you?

I just told Rik.

Nadeem and Ginny were thrilled to bits when their daughter took her first steps.

Strangely, she has suddenly vanished.


What you're doing right now is a felony.


There is nothing like a glass of beer after a whole day's work.

She has been on her own since the age of eighteen.

I slept all day.

His speech won the immediate applause of the audience.

I'll probably get in trouble for telling you this, but I don't care.


The dinner was very good.

Micky asked Dana to provide another example.

I got a rash from cosmetics.

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Hurf forgave you.

It's rather hot out here.

I really like that.

This dictionary is good.

That girl isn't dumb.

I bought various pieces of cloth.

I wanted to buy the book.

Let's try to come up with something.

I never said you couldn't go.

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Men like lovely women.

I feel very angry.

The longer you wait, the worse it's going to get.

They went on travelling for two days through a great forest, without food or drink, and without coming across a single house, and every night they had to climb up into the trees for fear of the wild beasts that were in the wood.

If you don't ask for something, you'll never get it.

I can't let them do this to me.

Exfoliating creams remove dead or damaged skin cells.

Have you ever thought of becoming a writer?

Perhaps I can answer that question.




I couldn't tell the twins apart.

When you get to Boston, please contact me.

I want a knife to sharpen my pencil with.

Just eat half!

Jitendra gave Spencer a friendly pat on the back.


Colin got to the airport with only a few minutes to spare.


Which air conditioner do you think is the most efficient?

You don't have to know all the details.

I can't figure out how this happened.


Colin tried to stand up, but he couldn't.

I knew it was wrong.

I saw him get hit by a car.

Felix was flattered.

Did he tell you why he did it?

I don't remember it at all.

I just want the truth.

He was so angry he couldn't speak.

Truly my mother bore me as one of evil fate.


Welcome to the management team at ABC Japan.

We have some wonderful news.

He's a grump.


My grandfather died in Korea.

I don't know if there's going to be a wedding.

She looks half her age.

Naoto went to answer the door.

I can't help Wade with that.

I didn't want to involve her.

He is like a frog in a well.


The number of Facebook members is higher than the U.S. population.

She sends us e-mails.

Can I buy you a beer?

In our office, we work on the assumption that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I think the outcry would be enormous.

He's so cute.

Your car has been towed away.