The war between France and England lasted one hundred years.


This just now became understood by you?

Searching is dangerous. Sometimes you discover something you didn't at all want to find.

You should try not to scratch insect bites.


I can't do this job.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

You know, I don't want to kill you.

I have some checks for Wendy to sign.

The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep abyss.

He doesn't have any children, but other than that he's leading a happy life.

The cat prefers fish to meat.

I'd like to get some sleep.

Keeton wanted to know if this is true.

He has been out of action since breaking his leg a month ago.


Her whole body hurt.

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What were you afraid of?

Is this tea set complete?

I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.

His chocolate is okay.

We've got to get Rayan out of there.

I know nothing to the contrary.

Wake me up at eight.


Just don't stop.

Don't be worried.

You can go home now if you like.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.

There's something here Shari should see.

Would you like to go to the shopping mall with me?

Do you think you'll be able to solve the problem by yourself?

I'll follow Ami's recommendations.


I have a lot of calls to make.

The choice was Darin's.

It's my very case!

I just wish it hadn't happened the way it did.

Phiroze will find out the truth.

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Shatter just happened to be on the same bus I was.

He seems to have saved a lot of money.

That boy is very smart.


Jacob obviously loves you.


I spoke to Kanthan just the other day.

Oh, so you knew it all along?

Did you buy this book?

I understand it.

I want you to stay tonight.

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That's what Wade would want.

How did you talk Hume into doing that?

Did you think I was being sarcastic?


Jill is insanely rich.

Isidore attempted to molest the eight-year-old child.

It looks so real.

Deb tried to show no reaction.

Tell me about what's going to happen tomorrow.


Laurie would have loved this movie.

Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.

I probably will do that again.

All the stores are closed.

They're all excited.


Marek is an experienced dental assistant.

I'm sure of my rights.

Why did you want to talk to Bert?


Bring me the scissors.

It looks like they're satisfied with the result.

Eli looks a lot better today.


Have a good look at this picture.

What did Betsy tell you about himself?

Is there a table available for two on Friday?


Stanly is quite sympathetic.

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Pieter works from nine to five.


Let's be candid.

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I'll keep it for him.


I had to deal with Matthieu.

After an awkward pause, Bill took her by the hand and dragged her upstairs.

How can they do this?

Moore is far away.

It's a good plan, isn't it?

The progress of science has brought about great change in our lives.

Steve withdrew $300 from his account.


He put the phone down in haste.


This tree is the tallest and oldest in this forest.

You hurried to the bottom of the stairs.

Allegedly, Mongo turned that offer down.

He felt ill at ease among prominent scholars.

They aren't like us.

I'm tired of arguing.

You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R keyboard shortcut.

Ji said that he didn't know how to swim.

He chatted with me while drinking his tea.


He waited for the elevator to come down.

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Kirk left thirty minutes ago.

Did Bret ask you any questions?

We advanced the date of the meeting.


A 94-year-old man had a heart attack while shoveling snow outside his house.


This would be better than that.


I told her I would help.


Gilles hired two bodyguards to protect him.

Just you try!

You will eat.

Cockroaches are insects.

She has abundant hair.


They always did what Hamilton told them to do.

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The weather's not as good today as it was yesterday.

That was the deal.

You cannot kill yourself by holding your breath.

Don't make factual statements without a source.

I'd rather go to the zoo than to a museum.

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The child hung on his mother's arm.

Someone is singing.

They're in.

This whisky is too strong.

I live in Rome.

I wanted your feedback.

I'd like to change clothes.


I'm a pretty good chess player.

They did not deepen the holes.

No matter how much you lap coal, it stays black.

We know it'll happen sometime in the next three days.

Just tell me where to go.

Please don't vote for him.

What's your occupation?

Alan and William are very happy together.

My arm really hurts.

I couldn't be more disappointed.

Can she come in time?

They sound so similar it's not easy to distinguish them.

Ray began to whistle to himself.

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He's a casino dealer.

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The French have a reputation for cheating on their spouses.

Root cut up all the pictures he had of Tomas.

You can't fill your stomach with the food left on your beard.

Let's watch a horror movie.

Linda is Dan's twin sister.

Quit dragging your feet.

Do you know if Ramsey can speak French?

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I'm trying to understand you.

A bat is not a bird any more than a fish is.

Tell me if you don't think this is funny.

I don't have a wife.

Takeuchi thought I was serious.

Elliott is still looking out the window waiting for Amarth.

I need to figure something out.

She became aware that her parents were watching her.

Jim has broad shoulders.

I'm not as good a guitarist as I thought.

I want to be alone for a while.

I asked Michiel what he wanted for Christmas.

Her daughter became a beautiful woman.

We'd like to see a wine list.

I'll have to wait and see.

I know you from somewhere, don't I?

Ralf's hubby is chubby.

You're Mahmoud's favorite.

Which do you like better, music or English?

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Roberto picked up the bottle and poured himself a drink.

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Would Mohammad like that?

Matthieu is bound to lose the race.

A pair of gloves is a nice gift.

You're the worst.

He is little, if at all, inferior to you.

Are you a registered voter?

Did you know that George Bush's bush has cooties?