History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

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The wound won't close.


Now I'm ready for anything.


You're a good customer, so I'll do what I can.

I want to go to see a film.

I can't figure out what to make of Mike.


My name is Jim.

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That's always fun.

It lasted for twenty years.

Nobody wants to invest in my country.


Look up the new words in your dictionary.


That should help.

I don't want to go.

Guillermo is a competent nurse.

Deborah's the only one who wasn't at Raif's party.

When I boarded the train this morning, I ran into an old friend.

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Which animals make the best pets for children?

Mario still has to finish painting the fence.

When you said you'd look after Spot, you knew there'd be responsibilities.


You need to do better.

I don't have time to argue.

Rand and I were roommates for three years.

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Have you ever served as a witness in a court case?

She needed the entire afternoon to complete the work.

Felix is a rug dealer.

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A few words of Portuguese vocabulary come from the Tupi.

One black sheep ruins the whole herd.

He seemed to be the sorriest of all who had been involved.

This is a beautiful piece of meat.

I arrived at Narita the day before yesterday.


Did someone contact her?

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So, what do you guys want to do tonight?

Her mother has gone shopping.

It's still my birthday.

What are you trying to do here?

That was Johnny.

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Unlike yourself, I'm used to acknowledging my mistakes.


His hair style is behind the time.

Ken dashed up the slope.

It was a friend of mine who called.

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This book is not about linguistics.

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I hope I can be of some help.

Clarissa doesn't want to go there by himself.

Do you get penguins in the Arctic?


That's a nice suit.

I will go regardless of the weather.

December is the last month of the year.

Bruno took heaps of photos on his holiday.

I want a better look at this document.


I'm sure Lorien wouldn't mind if you ate one of the cookies he baked this afternoon.

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What was our deal?

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This bread is fresh from the oven.

Moore went on singing.

We should get ready for work.

I've been walking all day.

I had been studying mathematics about an hour, when I felt sleepy.

We must take care of our planet, the earth.

Blayne is the one who needs to deal with this problem.


Never call me again!

Patio dining for breakfast is widely practiced in urban areas of France.

We didn't actually see the accident.

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Leads Jackson practically built this town.

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This is closely bound up with the question.


Do to others as you would be done by?

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I won't bite.

Japan should be kind to other countries.

It was a very impressive concert.

How many times have you done this?

We're talking about what to do about what happened a couple of days ago.

That shouldn't be too hard.

I'm not here to help you.

I'm going to explain it once more.

Who do you think is going to do that?

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I know that you still want me to call you.

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There was a strong wind that day.

I always think of him when I'm alone.

From this point of view, you are right.

That girl isn't stupid.

That's quite a theory.

It took me a long time to understand how this works.

I hired him.

They stopped running.

You must really be stupid.


Benson patted himself on the back.

Ariel is always trying to be cool.

What're you saying, Joyce?

This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

We've hired Nora.


I don't understand what's wrong with it!


I'll check it for you.


This is the book that Harvey was talking about yesterday.

I want to go to the park.

You must not stay up late.


I can't sleep with the lights on.


Hsi offered Kenn his support in the investigation.

You see what I mean?

I know what to watch for.

Carisa was hypnotized by the voice.

That's your seat.

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I figured out why the machine wouldn't work.


He was very careful for fear he should make a mistake.

The accountant miscounted the money.

Jesper is a strange person.

Enjoy the party until the end!

Let me read you something.

Sabrina pulled out a switchblade and stabbed Pandora.

According to the newspaper, she committed suicide.

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Let's step inside.

He dropped in on me last night.

Dan contacted Linda's sister.


The policeman promised to investigate the matter.

We went to the beach.

Deirdre didn't have time to read the report.

I'm going to be on the next bus.

They didn't speak.

Fred certainly hasn't told Shai yet.

Knudsen and Teresa walked through the arboretum.

I think that although the transportation system in Japan is convenient, the cost of living there is not very low.

I need a minute.

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I must clean the bathroom right away.

Why can't Bret talk?

She finds strength in her religion.

I was surprised by his perseverance.

Why are you all so happy?

Someone has been here.

I hear that you're not well.

Instead of fresh cream, you can use ricotta or mascarpone.

We have got two daughters and two sons.


Does Mwa know how Toby feels about John?

He's no judge of music.

He stayed at the hotel.

I asked my local member for a job, but he brushed me off.

I guess both of us were lying.


Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

She is busy typing up reports.

Angus showed Caleb the tattoo on his arm.


You cannot demand of someone something that is impossible for them to do.


Won't you tell me what time it is?


Do you recognize that man?

The air is very good in Beijing today.

We don't eat enough leafy vegetables.

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It could take a few weeks.


Do you need sunglasses?

I think The will help us.

Do you think he will like that?

I fell back on the reserve tank when the gas ran out.

Jack is the one who did all this.

It's been a crazy year.

She broke a glass.

I asked him to call you.

You dropped your handkerchief.

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'Now you must have no more kisses!' said she, 'else I should kiss thee to death.'