I can't do anything for them.

I cannot confirm this.

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Thanks for the beer.

Come early so we can discuss the plans.

You're our neighbor.

It's not true!

A little stage fright is normal before a concert.

That's what Charleen always does.

They were outside.

The girl is pulling her mom's hair.

He emigrated at the age of twenty.

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Get me up at eight.

Jones directed a torrent of abuse at Dustin as she came late again for their weekly meeting.

Marlena is a very ambitious person.

My neighbor had his feet amputated due to a bacterial infection.

A flu shot contains antibodies that fight the H1N1 virus.

Revised had to answer the phone.

Let's start before the sun rises.


Clayton probably needs help.

Bad weather doesn't last forever; human suffering will not endure forever.

After the drive-by shooting, the house was riddled with bullet holes.

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Let's get off here.

He learns fast.

Mark the correct answer.

We are charmed by your individuality.

Elias and Stanislaw grew up in Boston.

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Here's the book.

The auto was in the middle of the road.

I want us to start over again.

The patient has no pulse.

It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.

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Guido says he's planning to go back to Boston for Christmas.

I feel like I need to do something to help Ritalynne.

Dave looked at the fuel gauge.


The train strike didn't bother me at all.

You're still wet behind the ears!

Do you have to do this right now?

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You not only look like Grant, you sound like him.

People who talks for expressing his idea, who write books for taking down the significant words. So talking is for expressing ones idea, and writing books is for taking down what people said.

Vince seems like a very nice guy.

She has a feminine insight into human behavior.

Your friend can come any moment.

They pushed him out of the window.

Betsy is useless.

I told you I was telling the truth.

I guess everything's back to normal.

We were drunk.

He can't possibly write the letter by himself.

I tore the paper into pieces.

The only person you can really rely on is yourself.

That was the worst movie I've ever seen.

You should help your friends.

I don't think Len hates you.

He succeeded in waking Harry up.

The is stronger than you.

You should learn how to control yourself.

My dream is to become a space-archaeologist and to explore extinct planets.

Leung was a great guy.

You need to call Pete.

Margie didn't want to come here, but he came anyway.

Is this annoying?

She loves her children.

Steen can't believe Wayne is really planning to go.

You understand French, right?

Let's discuss the matter right now.

Rayan asked Ira for change for a dollar.

The traveler arrived in New York in the evening.

He is kindness itself.


From his observations, Copernicus concluded that every planet, including Earth, revolved around the Sun.


I'll lock up.

Is everybody OK?

People often underestimate Ahmed.

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I wonder if Cristopher has ever been to Boston.

What does your aunt do?

Has Axel told you what happened?

Kevyn is obsessed with animals, and especially squirrels.

We should be in Paris by this time tomorrow.

We don't know where Anton is, but we need to find him as soon as we can.

What did Marika think of the Swedish?


"That's cheaper than a new hat," Susan answers.

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Torsten put his hand on Francis's.

She didn't get the job.

Cyrus always tries to have his own way.

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To Hohn, only a pretty face counts.

You seem to have some trouble understanding what I'm trying to tell you.

Everybody called me Tony in those days.

Feel for the pockets of your raincoat.

Is this real turquoise? At this price? Come on!

There are some sandwiches here.

I think Alexis has started already.


How can that happen?

That is because you always study hard.

It's strange you say that.

He wishes to live his own way.

I had hardly gone to bed when the telephone rang.

I don't need to see the basement.

In labor negotiation union leaders play an important role.

These words are for learning.

Theodore couldn't get to sleep last night.

Jeff is good at rugby.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

Sumitro took the pillowcase off the pillow.

I'm a member of the tennis club.

I have some good opinion of my son's ability.

Everyone is more or less conceited.


Guido expected me to pay for everything.


Jingbai is a royal pain in the ass.


Schopenhauer was a ferocious pessimist.

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I'm in love with this woman.

Can you prevent it?

Ravindran was successful.


Diana took off his clothes and put on his pajamas.

What would Nichael say about that?

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

Trying decided to drop out of school and work full-time.

Thank heavens, I'm free today.

Corey is being quite diplomatic, isn't he?

What was I saying?

The CEO raised his salary even though the company was losing money.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

How I wish I had a car.

This coffee comes from Eritrea.

He closed his eyes.

You'll embarrass her.

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Esperanto is spoken all over the world.

I didn't save anyone either.

Call me whenever you want.

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Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Let's meet at the same place that we met last time.

Lanny is always complaining about Heather.


I like to be with my classmates.

Be bold!

Adlai isn't a good student.


I is an other.

I'll build myself a beautiful palace, with a thousand stables filled with a thousand wooden horses to play with, a cellar overflowing with lemonade and ice cream soda, and a library of candies and fruits, cakes and cookies.

Marriage isn't really something that young people are interested in.


I lived in Japan three years ago.

I was trying to look out for Sandeep.

Griff motioned for silence.

Tell us about your childhood.

Who have you told so far?

I've been an athlete my whole life.

Can I call you again?

Who tore this package open?

I'm going to tell you this just once.

I'd like some powidlo.

I'm tired of fighting.


Why did you help that black dog?


This is a sign of decreasing morality in this country.


I cannot eat peanuts because I am allergic to them.

Everything necessary has been done.

I wouldn't have said it like that.

I got there as fast as I could.

They aimed their guns at her.


I had high hopes for her.


Francis and Judith climbed the mountain in the rain.

I'm a US citizen.

Will you go with her?

Why'd you go to Japan?

I am such a wonderful person.

She is no less slender than her sister is.

He is sitting in the front seat.

I'll ask Keith to give me some money.

The chair is of a non-red color.

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Even monkeys fall from trees.

I won't leave you alone.

Starbuck is in the house.

The jet plane reached Narita an hour late.

His stern tone and loud voice belied his inner sensitivity and caring nature.