You must walk before you can run.

Mysore used to be quite wealthy, but he's come down in the world.

I, as an American, admire Lincoln.

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The smith used the tongs to pick up the horseshoe.

You don't have to go to school today.

The princess disguised herself as a simple shepherdess.


Jade, take a small gun.


We walked round the pond.


How much are they paying Rafael?

It's pretty obvious that she loves him.

Might I ask your address?

Oscar had only planned to stay in Boston for just a day or two.

Who's with them now?

I got a message from her.

Run for your lives!

It's been a bad week for me.

I see the star.

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I heard this sentence on the street about an hour ago.

I can't help you.

Syd had plenty of chances.

I wonder if Charlene will be at Mahmoud's party.

Anatoly likes to play soccer.

Look for the key to this trunk, Anne.

That dog is big.

Do you think that was easy for me?

I think it's strange that he didn't speak to you.

I thought Mah was on our team.

I don't have to make threats.


Dan got expelled from school.


Let's see. I bought it last week.

Praised be the sun god!

Modern bridges are similar in shape.

Toerless just wanted to get some sleep.

Many men left for the West in search of gold.

Who cares what everyone else thinks?

Sheila is very angry with his children.

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He is a gentleman.

Does anyone know what caused the problem?

Mark wanted to keep John and Charley apart.

They saw a cat climbing up the tree.

He is the greatest man in the world.

Stanley was an outstanding coach.

I gave them a present for their anniversary.

Mr Smith left Japan this morning.

That's a lot of food.


He was taken on by a large firm as a clerk.

Did you find that helpful?

Andre is unbeatable.

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Could it have been Donn? Possibly.

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You're really beautiful.

The chronicles of the flood of 1342 say that the water in the Mainz Cathedral came up to a man's chest, while in Cologne, one could ride in a boat over the city walls.

I did not see her for a long time.

We helped them weed the garden.

Mahesh elaborated on the point.

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The undersecretary was maintained in office by the political bosses.

Israel keeps his room clean.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I think most people are better off now than they used to be.

Kolkka wants to be treated like everyone else.

Do you hear the bird singing in the cage?

I think we don't really need to be doing this.

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I want my 20 dollars back.

How many of these pills did you take?

It is also my expert opinion that the document analysis is reliable as these handwriting samples are comparatively similar.

Put the box down.

I won't fight with you anymore.

This is a statue of Jupiter.

Piercarlo is staying at a homeless shelter.

Stanley certainly was embarrassed.

She said it was important.

I didn't say I believed Konstantinos.

I might be able to do something.

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It is false to say that snow is blue.


You're probably wondering how I found out about that.

Don't let her in.

What is the use of beauty?

I have one thousand dollars in travelers' checks and five hundred in cash.

I don't know if I have time to do it.

I'm free tonight.

When did I say that?


Does Saad know that Presley is his mother?

Eileen never shows up on time.

To use these vaccines violates the sacred commandment from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

OK, I'll order it.

You seem to know how to do it.


You must join me.

Ernst's new house is really nice.

Winnie doesn't know where to start.

No one pays attention to us.

Go in the house.


Many people work in industrial towns.

It looks like you're having a great time.

Their conversation being in Chinese, I did not understand one word.

He snuck up on him in the middle of the night.

I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.


I informed her of my arrival.

Once again, my plans have been thwarted.

Everything must come to an end.


I do hope you'll succeed.


We stayed back.


Erik and Patricio are married to each other.


I'm not allowed to say anything.

I can still remember that day.

Did I have a choice?

All of the rules must be in line with company policy.

I've never seen two people so much in love as Teriann and Earle.

Something is always going wrong with the machine.

She loves reading self-esteem sentences.

A complete poem is one where an emotion finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

I go where I'm told to go.

I will take both this one and that one.


I'm not sure you realize how important Omar is to me.

He made good in business.

It was a rhetorical question.

How did you achieve that?

I tried to find him.


Since I was sick, I didn't go.

I can't read these instructions.

Speaking in English is fun.

He sent her a message.

Stacey gave me 300 dollars.

Walt felt sympathy for Pedro.

Try breathing through your mouth.

Why do you think Moe did that?

What exactly are you saying?


I think Earle didn't want Sorrel to go out with John.


I can't get sexual satisfaction.

What do you think of this tie?

Trevor's figures were way off.


She ought to be at the office by now.

She likes beans.

I didn't know what to make of it.

I'm waiting for Christian to do that.

This doesn't have to happen again.

He tried to soothe the angry man.

Fight oppression, claim your freedom.

My sister is clumsy, which is a disadvantage to her.

Support this agency.

Upon hearing this news, I was left frozen, not knowing what to do.

Jeff shouldn't do that.

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He's my biological father.

You're in terrible danger.

Have you told her what to do?

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I never trusted him.

I want to try eating horse meat.

Every student was asked his or her name and birthplace.

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The truth is Albert isn't really my brother.


I don't know why I even bother to try to explain things to you anymore.

I didn't have to move it.

Should we go inside?


I wasn't aware of that.


The clerk died from overwork.

I visited the village he was born in.

I don't think Christophe will enjoy this movie.

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Tell Triantaphyllos I'll pick him up on the way.


That job was really difficult.

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The town is always crawling with tourists.

They know how to make an atomic bomb.

Do you think you're likable?

He failed in the examination.

That was Portugal.