They should not waste time and money on people who will never wake up again.

France, I love you!

I'll be waiting out front.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

Clyde can go whenever he likes.

Perhaps we can talk later.


A slight cold prevented me from going to Ibusuki with my family.

God then wanted to test Abraham's obedience, and called out his name.


I hope that you feel better.

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Heinrich didn't like the idea of Vic going out with John.

Do you like to travel by yourself?

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then that's fine as well.

Someone's been playing with matches.

Keep in the shadows.

I thought things would get better, but as it is, they are getting worse.

Is this a challenge?

Saad looked to his left.

Smile for the camera.


He will kill himself if he doesn't see his child.


I'd like a Toyota.

That's my suitcase.

I just fired them.

A woman was hurt in the accident, and her two daughters were too.

I'm recommending you to Nils.

I don't want any special treatment.

No appointments are necessary.

I brought you hot chocolate.

Turkeer didn't go with you this morning, did he?

I'm going to find it.

Do you have a friend that can help you?

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

Jimmy wasn't able to read in the dim light.

Korean food is generally spicy.

The real Princess was left standing below in the courtyard.

I live next to him.

Let's investigate.

I don't see another option.

We need to know whether it's true or not.


I don't think I'm going to make it.


French isn't an easy language.

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He has a good son to his credit.

Please allow us to do the work.

Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; I guess I'll go eat worms.


Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

Dan didn't even watch the film.

I have a few things I have to do.

I will definitely go to your funeral.

She read my mind.

What sort of things make you feel sad?

I cannot abide to see such cruelty.

You're the only person who shows me any respect.

Keep them away from me.

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The dragon flew a dragon kite: the kite was flown by the dragon.

I was looking at the sun setting in the sea in the west.

There's a pub just around the corner.

They have a large stock of information.

The investigation is still ongoing.


Youth comes but once in life.

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I love the way you dress.


Don't make me stand here.


He grabbed my arm.


There is no limit.


Wouldn't you want to remember Vicky always in this fashion?

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Did you hear about Tyler's accident?

I wasn't trying to make a move or anything.

You guys have to hurry.

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I don't have time to see you.

Could you download a file for me?

Ritchey certainly has a well-trained dog.

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Please bill me.

That was my first way of thinking.

All you have to do is to clean your room.

Jakob learned how to swim two years ago.

At times of poor health, getting plenty of sleep is the best medicine.


I wish you had told me earlier.


The proposed methodology is applied to three case studies in simulation.

Though he had a bad cold, he had to work.

These computers are different types.

That is not high on my list of priorities.

I just got here this morning.


It is human nature to be bugged by such things.


They must be hungry.

He has twenty children.

We still need your help.

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The new teacher is fresh from college.


The time when he did it was not known.


The U.S. Department of Health says people should exercise at least two and a half hours a week.

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Niall tried to hide his fear.

Stop! You're tickling me!

Novorolsky took off his name tag.

When will you send me one of your photos?

I always buy a top quality product even if it is slightly more expensive.


The horse is a very useful animal.


How many eggs does this hen lay each week?

You're good with women.

Arlene has been located.

He told me that he was hungry.

Everything is going very well.

I can't teach well at all today. I realize that I was just lucky until today.

I thought that you wanted to see me.

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Did you talk to her today?


By the way, have you done your homework?

Man is also an animal in a broad sense.

There is something in my eye.

Let's do something good.

I've never hallucinated.

The lawyer recommended his client to take legal action.

Of course we know that we will become old.

This is almost as good as fishing.

Jon opened the door to the interrogation room.

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It's like the author's reading my mind.

I always tie my shoes tightly before I go jogging.

I'm in the middle of a meeting.


I shouldn't have believed them.

This is Roger speaking. I'd like to speak to Nanda.

Carl is trying to calm Malcolm down.

Language learning is like the number system; it has a beginning but doesn't have an end.

Is that a lot?

He besought her to favor him.

I just want to be safe.

Night coming on, the boys went home.

I couldn't help falling asleep.


You can't intimidate us.

What's in front of you?

He wants to buy a pony.

They boil water to drink it.

My uncle is generous with his money.


He failed to get elected contrary to our expectation.


I told Cary to take out the garbage.

I never say what is not true.

They relaxed.

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Ramiro was silent for quite a while.

Tao never married.

If the sentence is in the database, we'll obtain at once the translated version.

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I saw Francis three hours ago.

He can't speak much English.

I demand to be told the truth.

We have to talk about what we did.

I won't examine you.


Stop singing.

It's Linder's turn to wash the dishes.

As a result of the war, many people died.

Jeanette said he had no objection to our leaving early.

Renu has welshed on the agreement.


She was very ill, and a doctor was sent for.

What are we going to do today?

They used to love jokes.

We don't want him to go.

She will turn 15 tomorrow.


He's crying.

Let's continue.

What were you and Guy doing?


Hein doesn't want Ami to go anywhere without him.

Rather than cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

I tried to stop him.

There are different points of view in the narration.

We were financially troubled, in short, we were bankrupt.