We watched the plane until it went out of sight.

Deirdre is a very capable person.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

I can't believe Carsten is still single.

These legends should be handed down to our offspring.

OK, let's assume you're right.


Ask for him.

I was very alarmed when I saw a stranger in my backyard.

Why are you so mad at me?

This sentence sounds natural, but it's not grammatically correct.

There's a lot of flu going around now.

I'm thinking.

Don't look down on him merely because he is poor.


During the first year of the study, he learned that he himself had ALS.


I won't miss Stan at all.

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I wanted to do it.

We have to put off making a final decision until next week.

A woman's clitoris is really an undeveloped penis. Ask a doctor.

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Vince, it's your mother.

She got married soon after her graduation from the college.

The electricity went out, but it's back on now.

What are you going to tell him?

You have no fever whatsoever.

Syun dreaded having to spend another weekend with Jose.

She is extremely vulgar in her speech.


I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

Is the wound very deep?

Shall I get some for you?

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I fell in love with her the moment I met her.


Inspector Dan Anderson found no fingerprints on the hammer.

I'm not the only one who agrees with Kelvin.

I took it for granted that she would agree with me.


We like to look feminine.

Several of them are opposed to the bill.

I'm going to get some tea.

We aren't here to hurt you.

Having a driver's license is an advantage for this job.

How do you like living with your brother?

This door is locked.


She's used to getting what she wants.


Bobby just said goodbye.


He has taken to gardening.

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You can't sell it.

Blues singer and guitarist Robert Johnson would have been 100 years old on May 8th of 2011 if he hadn't died when he was 27 years old.

Hy sat on the sofa, reading a magazine.


How do we reason with him?

Let me put it in plain language you can understand.

Let's talk about it later.

I don't totally understand that.

The interactions are governed by rules.


We have another test after this one.

She is as modest as anything.

You could tell by the ear-to-ear grin that came to his face that he really had something to smile about.

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Rainer knows this area like the back of his hand.

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The police have increased their shoreline patrols.

We saw Mr Sato leave the room.

Theo wrote Luc a letter and thanked her for her help.


It took Jared an hour to get to school.

Didn't they teach you anything at school?

We have to do something to stop Brenda from hurting himself.

Then you cannot be a cannibal.

As soon as Jeany gets here, we can start the meeting.

He met his English teacher at the station by accident.

I have friends waiting for me in the lobby.

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Such a plan is bound to fail.

It seems that he left for school just now.

When are you going to finish this?


I always thought Jitendra and Jelske made a good couple.

Brad is eager to press on.

Do you have any idea what's in the box?

The family had its dinner at noon.

I spilled water on my keyboard. I must buy a new one.


She regretted not having gone into music.

What I like about Janos is her strong character.

I need to get out of this hellhole.

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I've seen all I want to see.

The students have to analyze an excerpt from the book.

Explain it in plain terms, please.

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There is enough money for John to buy a car.

I feared that I might be late for the bus.

The sun sets behind the mountain.

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His death was made known to the public.

Pus is coming out of my right ear.

How much honey do you use for this pastry?

Edward and Hans are from the same city.

Vilhelm is shorter than me.


Jeff is in charge.


Griff is discreet.

The ocean covers 70% of Earth's surface.

The car is turning left.

It is soft to the touch.

How was your trip to Australia?

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I stayed home because it was raining.

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Do you want me to talk to Subra?


The things you own, they end up owning you.

They haven't understood the question.

Let's find a gas station; we've run out of fuel.

They are boring a hole.

You must do as you are told.


Paul studies very hard these days.

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I hope he's not angry.

Rice is grown in many parts of the world.

I think Lars is stupid.


You sound confused.

Curt believes that's correct.

He's quite active for his age.

I was trying to be funny.

Don't you think you're being a bit melodramatic?

We all had a fine time that day.

I'm looking for him.

Can I trust Clara?

I think of her as my closest friend.


That food smells good. Yum, yum.

He's an intelligent young man.

I have a great mind to do that myself.

I didn't know you wanted to work for me.

Starting next month, I'm not subscribing to a newspaper.


Isidore accepted Hilda's challenge to a tennis match.


I thought I'd found the perfect hiding place.


It's free.

Nelken has a lot of pictures.

You are smarter than that.

I'm working too much.

Kumi made a box.

I didn't hear how many times the clock struck.

The dwarves are great smiths.


It is up to you to see to it that such a thing doesn't happen.

Picasso was no clown. He was a sarcastic commentator on a confused age, a great archivist of humanity's foolishness.

The snow is letting up.

I'm not a quitter.

I believe Jeannette will be acquitted.

I have a son and a daughter. He is in New York, and she is in London.

Owen was skiing down a mountain.


Was anybody listening?

Shuvra read the document aloud.

He is anxious to know the result of the test.

Cris's dream is to go to a university in England.

I like Czechoslovakia a lot.


I haven't found a job.

Kamdev has used your smile as an arrow as all the five arrows were found insufficient.

That's what I meant.

There are so many things that can be shared by a group that has the ability to create what it shares.

Today's Beijing has given me a very deep impression and aroused my curiosity.


My work is very important.

Jiri found that very hard to accept.

Keep them safe.

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Can we walk home a different way?

Moderate exercise is good for you.

She must have been very beautiful when she was young.

It goes from bad to worse.

The building was completely destroyed.

Rees and Oskar gave each other presents on Christmas morning.

I don't understand why you believe that she's right.

He's addicted to Starbucks coffee.

Could you show Kimmo how to use this application?

I'll never speak to Ross again.

We do like her.


I know that you work hard.