Maria said to herself, "I'm really lucky".

She has a tender heart.


We've done what we can for them.


Let's take advantage of the bargain sale and save money.

Was Lindsey a king or will he be?

Oliver came into the kitchen carrying two grocery bags.

What are you up to today?

The teacher listened attentively to my explanation.

You do ask a lot of questions.

I want to become a doctor in the future.

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What did Adlai say about what happened?

You're a friend of Toerless's, right?

It's snowing this winter even more so than last.

There are lots of different types of dogs.

Have you shown Stuart your wedding pictures?


The enemy flung fresh troops into the battle.


Between E->J translations and J->E, it appears that more people want English-Japanese translations.


It could have a future.

The police found a cartridge case next to the body.

I'm waiting at the door.


You are home late.

Did Jef ever tell you any of this?

The two children pulled at the rope until it broke.

I'd be very happy if you'd help me.

Don't you miss him?

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Is that what you want to talk to me about?

You're acting like a three-year-old.

I can't ask them now.


My gas bill for last month was very high.

He walked to and fro on the stage.

Hon is now staying in Boston.

We aren't late.

I've still got work to do.

How silly of me!

Vincent noticed Bobby's beautiful engagement ring.

I finally found a place where we can be alone.

I don't think I can stop Pamela from doing that.


The picnic was called off because of rain.

Dominic had to change the past.

They're attacking us.

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Are they coming as well?

I'm sick of your crossword puzzles.

Tollefsen is really hungry.

Nothing's going to change my love for you.

Fun became earnest. Earnest is now four years old.

I'll see you at the restaurant.

A massive earthquake of magnitude 8.8 hit the Japanese islands today.


You can get dressed now.

This cellular phone is really expensive.

Birds are singing here and there in the park.


Japanese and American interests clashed on this point.


Stay right here, OK?

I'm violently sick.

Please "like" my page on Facebook.


There is nothing to prevent us from going.

I need you to find him.

I see that you haven't painted your house yet.

I found a good Mexican restaurant.

Cats don't eat mice these days.

I just want us to be together.

He doesn't know who he should ask.

Get me Nils on the phone.

Marsh made too much noise.

It gets the job done.

He is seeking a new position.


The Peepal tree does not die just because a crow cawed.

I'll get you a beer.

She carries on smiling even in the face of adversity.

I'm looking for my passport. Have you seen it?

I even wrote a letter to him.

Allan had planned to catch up on some work over the weekend.

Parts of the country are so dry as to be almost desert.

Why didn't she want to join him?

We'll be experiencing an Indian summer for the next few days, but after that, it'll be getting cold again.


We'll have a picnic on Sunday, weather permitting.


He excels all his brothers in scholastic ability.


I turned page after page.

We want new ideas, not old ones.

He is in error about the matter.


Blair and Dwayne decided to split up for a while, so they could each think about whether they wanted to stay together.

She is plain and stout as popular stars go.

There was someone sitting on a bench reading a book there.

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The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.

That's the new manager.

She's not ignoring me; she's shy.

Po snuck up behind Lynnette.

There's a lot of dangerous stuff in this warehouse.


Next time I come, I'll bring you some flowers.

You are no longer a child.

To some extent I agree with you.


Speaking of his eating habits, they're revolting aren't they?

She drank the expired milk.

I'm not sharing this with Prakash.


Don't respond to questions marked with an X.

You went to Shanghai, right?

You can always quit the job.


Nothing else makes sense.

I tried to warn everyone.

I saw more than Manolis thought I saw.


You've got to help us.


I am roaring like a lion.

He left the office in great haste.

The pilot wasn't injured when the plane crashed.


The dog looked at his master with anxiety.

Sidney wished that his classmates would treat each other with more respect.

Gregge unfurled a huge Russian flag in the park.


I'm washing my hands of the guilt.

Donn had a hunch that Judith would bring her new boyfriend to the party.

The scramble for Africa was the last wave of colonialism.

I'm afraid to go.

Kriton held up his hands.


Since our argument, Grace has kept his distance.

He draped his coat over her shoulders.

Ravi is a human skeleton.


I believe you both know Knapper.


I pray every night.

I can see you're good at this.

Diana's only living relative is an uncle living in Boston.

She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.

I have a girlfriend.

Those present were all moved to tears.

One must match the expectations to reality.

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As much as I'd like to tell you, I can't.

I certainly have had great luck.

Hsuan was strong.

Who'll be there?

Val may not be the only one who doesn't know Ernst.


Dieter doesn't seem particularly interested in Hurf.


It's older than that.

Deb's condition worsened.

He has worked throughout the whole day.

He knows a lot about animals.

I think she has two children.


I'm best at math.

Why isn't Niels on the team?

I like playing golf.


I'm single.


With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain.

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I am a student who likes going to school.

I'm going to go see what's going on.

We can hide in here.


I never learned to speak French very well until Jisheng started to help me.


The dog likes that kind of food.

He entered the room after you left.

She really wants to go there.

You said that they could help us.

He accused her of having stolen the bike.

Stop beating around the bush and answer my question!

Pim would never do that.

Ancient customs are dying out quickly today.

You're not going to get away with it.

I wasn't offended.

We're going to get there before them.

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Supplies of food were low and we had to ration out the little that was left.

Truer words have never been spoken.

That might happen on Monday.


Tell me what this is all about.