Traffic Trade

Trade Rules:

  1. No illegal sites (lolitas, zoo, etc.)
  2. No cheating.
  3. No consoles.
  4. No pop-up hells.
  5. No DIALERS!
  6. Your girls to be beautiful!
  7. Send at least initial 50 hits to start trading.
  8. You add = you force!
  9. Minimal trade 50 uniques per day!
  10. You must enter your ICQ contact or else the trade will be deleted!
  11. If you don’t contant me via ICQ, I’ll delete trade!
  12. And the last.. Please, NO subdomains. It’s easy to buy domain.


Sites dump:

/|Cyber x Babes|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Adult X Pix|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Babes Hot Pics|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Pornstar Terminal|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Erotic Cuties|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Fuckable Girl|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Pornstar Major|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Give Me Girls|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Ideal Cuties|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Porn mp4|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|XBabes Space|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Fuck Terminal|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net
/|Babes Access|Ensyte|two67zero655two|ensyte[at]ensytex[dot]net



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