She asked me if I knew how to sew.

Could we go somewhere quiet?

I begged Murthy to stay.

What can one do at night?

I think you might need my help.

Doctors did everything they could to cure him.


Maureen has tested positive for anabolic steroids.


I have no intention of staying here in Boston.


I don't speak French as much as I used to.

We can't let her in.

These scissors are suitable for left and right-handed people.

I am one of the kindest people I know.

You broke your promise.

It was so hot that I slept with the window open.

Let's try to swim against the current.


They scared me.

Laurie is a true man.

Fish can't live out of water.

While I was dreaming, a woman in a white robe appeared to me.

I know Socorrito will change.

Ahmet did his best to comfort Maarten.

You will have to get up early tomorrow morning.

Jitendra experienced strong peer pressure to dabble in drugs when he was a teenager.

I didn't say it was going to be easy.

Her career had hit its nadir. Little did she know that things would soon improve.

Which way did he go?

He took ten deep breaths.

He adopted his idea.


She saw her former employer at a conference.

Should we change the Australian flag?

I need you to find out what happened to Josip.

Molly is past his prime.

I think I'll stay.

I put it somewhere but I don't know where.

He studied all the harder for being praised by his teacher.


I'll check in on you tomorrow.


The accused made up a false story in the court.

I love you. Will you marry me?

Deirdre wanted Sunil to get well.


You would've liked it.

I suppose I could use the company.

I don't know where Kurt goes to school.

How come we're not doing better?

I lived abroad for ten years.

How do you know his name?

No living things could live without oxygen.

He was strict in disciplining his children.

I suggest that you go and see a doctor about this as soon as you can.

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After his colonoscopy, Rayan learned that he had cancer. The surgeon cut out and removed the part of his sigmoid colon in which a tumour had been growing, and with staples she fashioned a new splice from the two shorter and cut-through ends. Because of his good health, he healed quickly and after only three days was discharged from the hospital.

I'll take Nancy with me, OK?

We need some clues to understand it.


When Ofer went to the mailbox he found five letters, four of which were bills.

He breathed his last peacefully this morning.

All that New Age stuff is really weird.


We're waiting for her.

You should be prudent in deciding which way to go.

We still have the same problem.


It's a real bargain.

There is little milk left in the bottle.

Duane'll find out sooner or later.


I'm going to the post office.

Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.

What train is Jeffery arriving on?

I corrected it.

The fans have air horns that they blow every time their team scores.

He must be crazy to act like that.

It's a complete disaster!

The abolition of slavery in Europe eventually reached the American continent.

Roy kept me waiting for thirty minutes.


Sheila isn't very good at math.


I'll be there by eight somehow.

I have a desire to be wealthy.

I have known Leung all my life.

We're freaks.

Don't bother asking me to go.

Young people must not study.

I knew I couldn't trust them.

She dedicated her life to science.

We've run out of coal.


The pidgeons of Boston are fat and proud.


Would that have been hard?

I didn't hit her.

Everybody knew, but I didn't care.

I just came along to keep Knut company.

He was innocent of the crime.


Can you take me to them?

Deborah gave me good advice.

I invited my friends over for coffee.

We prevailed over our enemy.

I was already married at your age.


You should try to forget your unhappy past.

This day, my greatest wish was realized.

She switched on the lamp because it was dark.

Sandy is worried about what might have happened to Doyle.

I haven't seen a doctor.


Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive.

I wonder what he's up to.

Matthias didn't know that Rudy was a high school student.

Institutions mustn't tell lies.

She is on death row.

His shoulders sagged when he heard the news.

I like to do a few exercises to loosen up before I run.

Timothy was good and drunk.

Now it's time for you to go.

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Nikolai told Elisabeth about everything that had happened.

For him, the arctic climate of Arkhangelsk was hell on earth, but for her, who had grown up in this region, Arkhangelsk was heaven on earth.

Our civilization ended the day we invented the nuclear bomb.

I want us to stay together.

Murat and John quarreled, but made up after a while.


Vice is going to the concert.

We make butter from milk.

Will you stay, George?

I've got to help him.

Sigh, this used to be a nice neighbourhood.

Roger told Nick that he had been out shopping.

Take a leap of faith.

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Because of disaffection with her good-for-nothing husband.

Arthur gave his cat to Thad.

Would you like to travel to the United States?

I haven't felt well for two days.

I think my girlfriend is kind of cute.

I think Hal is sensible.

Generally speaking, little girls are fond of dolls.

Where are the apples?

Dimitry lives in the bad part of town.

I'd like to make an appointment for a cleaning.

The policemen demanded higher wages.

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The father will look after her all by himself.

You're full of surprises.

I live here.

How much can we really trust Kolkka?

That's exactly what I used to tell myself.

I watched the news on TV after supper.

Are increases in life expectancy accompanied by a concurrent postponement of disability and functional limitations?

Please do not power off or unplug your machine.

I like spending time with her.

I think I know what's wrong.

I hardly ever watch TV.


Lyndon pretended not to be listening.

It's not very durable.

This is better.

That's a safe guess.

He looked embarrassed.


This is a little bit too loose around my waist.

It is merely a matter of form.

I'm looking for a gift for my father.

I need to check it.

I understand, but that's the way things are. You have to accept it.


I love astronomy.

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If we read this book we are able to comprehend more about the country.


Has Kari's family been notified?


It was a small incident.


It was a huge task.

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You see a white building at the foot of the hill.

She devoted herself to her sick mother.

Each molecule in our body has a unique shape.


Did Daniele have any history of heart problems?

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Sometimes you need to have the courage to make tough decisions.

I was kept waiting in the rain for as long as ten minutes.

I'm impressed with your French.


They will assist us.

Was there such a thing?

Anatole has agreed to plead guilty.

I just brush it off.

By air mail, please.