In other words, you should doubt common sense.

A policeman asked the girls if the car was theirs.

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You look awful.

Mats wanted to find out who was the artist who was playing violin in such a manner in an Arkansas forest.

What are your plans now?

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He is immediately above me in rank.

How many digits does that number have?

The crucial verb in SQL--Structured Query Language--is "SELECT." SELECT statements return row sets from tables, cursors, joins, or the row sets returned by other SELECT statements.

The train leaves at half past ten, so I'll call for you at ten.

Wes dug through the unclaimed baggage, looking for something to pawn.

You can't go alone.

I remember hearing about them.

The fans were ecstatic about the win.

Biologists view the chupacabras as a contemporary legend.

Maybe I'll just wander off on my own.

Please pay cash, not by credit card.

Don't be so formal, please!

What they wanted was a man like himself.


Don't mention that she's put on weight.

Could you tell Jean-Pierre that I'll be a few minutes late?

Laurel and his friends played basketball all afternoon.


Kimmo threw Tomas out of the bar.

"Hey, you!" "Yes?" "See this piece of shit here?" "Yes." "Do I owe him money?" "Yes!" "...Screw you!" "Yes..."

He did it without malice.


Ti has never had a girlfriend.

With his mother out of the way, Duke was able to proceed with his plan to embezzle the money from the company.

I want to live in a Native American reservation.


They gave him a chance to escape.

I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning my room.

The cold air revived her.

I'll never forget what you did for me.

There's very little pure blood in any nation now.

I don't want to die here.

She likes beans.

Do you want me to read this out loud to you?

Tell Oskar I don't need his help whatsoever.

We all have our off days.

Saturn has at least 53 moons. Some of these moons orbit the planet within the rings, creating gaps in the rings.

Where's the other half of the money?

It was he who broke the window yesterday.

A car was coming in this direction.

You're not a spy, or are you?

She won a silver medal.

Christmas is just three weeks from now.

I know these students.

Suddenly, it became noisy.

I wanted Terrance to help me.

The city came back to life with more vigor.

I bet I know what you want.

We played baseball yesterday.


I want a quart of milk.


Having nothing, nothing can he lose.

You two stay here.

Prices are high these days.

Can I question Isaac?

Francisco has no manners.


Henry and Case are having a house-warming party this coming Friday evening.

I like fruits such as oranges and apples.

Treat your servant more kindly.

I already ate.

The earth is similar to an orange in shape.

He went out with the heater on.

The tornado died out.


Randall was asleep when he was shot.

You know why.

A large asteroid was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Don't tell anybody.

Vinod overheard Helen talking with John.


Let's see if Jem can help.


There's a restaurant here.

The plane still hasn't taken off.

Howdy folks!

I want a pet tiger.

Jack asked Pratt to say a few words.

The young worker was asked to resign.

Because of erosion, the trail is rocky and deep.

Tell me the object of your plan.

I'm sick of your hints.


If there is a big earthquake, the alarm will sound.

He used to say so, but now he doesn't.

WHO stands for World Health Organization.


Six were invited, including the boy.

Our committee consists of ten members.

You are beaten. Give up.


May I borrow your telephone?

The sister of your father or mother is your aunt.

The Pope Benedict the 16th arrived in Germany on an official visit.

Timo suffers from debilitating migraines.

I'll dream about you.


He took a key from his coat pocket.

It's very sad indeed.

I've apologized, so get off my back.

Nancy killed himself.

They don't sell beer here.

He has a beautiful tan.

I was up late last night.


I've forgotten about her.

Will you tell me how long you have loved him?

You've been very helpful.

I think this belongs to you.

I'm going to give up math.


With a little more care, you would have succeeded.

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The young wives of old husbands have the habit of thinking early on about choosing the one who will wipe their widow tears.

She kept dancing at the disco all night.

I'm sorry, we don't accept checks.

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Dennis is an excellent skateboarder.


He commanded us to work hard.

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The guards didn't see them.

What's the title of the book you're reading?

I ran away without saying anything because I didn't want to lose our love.


Ask Mann if he plans to be here on Monday.


I hope I'm not bothering you.

With the help of doctors, she got over her illness.

This is just how life is.

All Jock wants is love.

I don't know when I'll be back.

Why is it important?

She denied that she's my mother.

Next year we'll recur to this issue.

He will never break his promise.

Do you mind my turning on the radio?

How can you say such a nonsense?

This Joseph will run.

We gazed at the beautiful scenery.

That old man caught a large fish.

Shhh, you'll wake up Vaughn!

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I'm waiting for the right man.

I met someone the other day that I think I could fall in love with.

Who'd want to hurt us?


I think you need someone to talk to.

I want a second helping.

This is a hard question to answer.

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Why are you so concerned?

Today is mom's birthday. I ordered a cake.

He was too upset to distinguish vice from virtue.

They are seeing the sights of Kyoto.

I think I'll brown bag it this week.

I often experience palpitations of the heart.

We ate your food.

Siegurd was by no means satisfied.

He dropped out of high school.

I was terrified.

That was a very nice lunch.

I don't remember his name.

Sea otters are cute.

Let's go out and get something to eat.

How did Irvin get into a fight?

What shall I put on over my sweater?

Donnie told me to make sure that Ralph was safe.


Susan is waiting for Danielle at the bar.

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I didn't tell him. He found out by himself.

Recently we have brought our office equipment up to date.

I wish I could have spoken French.

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He was lying on the bed.

Noemi asked Eugene what her last name was.

Don't forget to ask follow-up questions.

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I have been as busy as a bee for the past two months.


They held almost no power at the national level.

Things are starting to get interesting.

Now, tell me what I want to know.

His illness dashed all his hopes.

I think this book is easy.

I want to meet people and have fun.

I don't always understand everything you write.


Elvis plucked the chicken.

Do you really know?

After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.