His illness may be cancer.

Don't expect to find philosophy in the poems of a twenty-year-old youth.

Someone has robbed us of all our money during our absence.

I took a risk when I made the investment.

She likes all kinds of sports.

A person like that would have no trouble getting elected president.


Don't blame her.

Stop scaring her.

There are about ten to twenty students in total.


We had a conversation about baseball.

What Elsa said is true.

On the contrary, I've never said such a thing.

Which is the more expensive of the two?

I might have something here that will help you.

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Modern technology gives us many new things.


Nothing happens without God's knowledge.

I'm sorry this took so long.

Sanjib has been singing that same song all morning.

What made you think that you were wrong?

You crushed your enemies.


Why wouldn't you let me go to Boston?

I can't believe I did that!

Balls are round.

Your comments were always very helpful to me.

It's a scutigera.

We need paper.

Hsi is writing letters.


He said he got a 100 points.

Sounds vaguely familiar.

Everyone was glued to the TV set as the election results came in.

You'll be in my heart today and always.

What's the most beautiful city in Germany?

I thought you were going to sleep all day.

Where's your weapon?

Fish, please.

It was a long wait.


"Has anybody phoned the police?" "I have."

You're not even close to the right answer.

I still remember her.

Do you think fish can hear?

Some villains are more sinister than others.

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The Americans had very little gunpowder.


She caught his eye immediately.


John and Jesse differed in opinion as to that important matter.

They are considered the greatest rock band in history.

She didn't write me any letter.

Jianyun's face turned red with anger.

I'm sorry to interrupt you.


Irving stole Tuna's car.

Would you like us to give you a lift?

She moved to a warmer place for the sake of her health.


Joe immediately answered.


Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

I'll be sure to tell Frank you said that.

Please let me come with you.

Ravindranath said you wanted to see me about something.

The paint is off.


This train calls at all stations to Wimbledon.

What is the last concert you saw?

Morton lives in Boston with his children.


Stevan has always been my staunchest ally at work.


I know your language.

He may have met with an accident on his way.

These things do happen.

Why are you being so noisy?

Correcting is sometimes harder than writing.


We both know this isn't real.


The time has come for goodbyes.

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He's annoying.


Jock skated very well.


They believed her.

They talked on the phone every night.

It is very impolite of her to decline our invitation.


This is a gold mine.

I was burned up by what he said.

If Ric came back home, I'd be happy again.


I remember posting this letter.


Merat looks indignant.

He can run so fast!

It's unlikely that our team will win.

No, this paper isn't white.

Mother is preparing lunch.

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This stopped Naresh.

A nuclear war would mean the fall of humankind.

If the rental period is extended beyond the agreed period, it shall be calculated a prorated rent.

I'm sick of it!

I'm mistaken.

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I've given a speech or two in my time.


She had a book stolen from the library.


Clarissa hasn't slept a wink.

I've come for her.

Give me a hand with this refrigerator.

I will follow you until death, Georges!

This offer is available for five days.

Not everyone likes that book.

Swiss banks are very secretive.

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This woman is more than eighty years old.


Tell him we're here.

He that knows little often repeats it.

What's the minimum salary in Iraq?

I don't have any artistic talent.

Whatever you do, don't blink.

Antonio is obviously in pain.

Only prayers keep him alive.

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One of Einstein's ideas is that objects cause the space around them to curve. He thought that large objects, like the Sun, curve the space around them more than small objects do. Objects moving through space follow the curvature.


Only Chernobyl comes to mind whenever I think about the Ukraine. Oh, and Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka, right?

Have you seen her yet?

You assemble sewing machines.

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She's going out to buy some things.

I mistook him for my brother.

He's a bit of a snob.

Who do you think killed her?

Ricardo is an early riser.

You're not the only one Dan winds up.

I am Samuel.


I don't like them anymore.


Where is the Japanese Embassy?


The ship changed its course.

Doyle has been making some progress.

Plastic was sitting at a table near the window with his date.

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I did not see anyone in the street.

What would Sriram say about that?

As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.

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She lives alone in a house of enormous dimensions.

He is losing ground in his company.

There was no wind at all yesterday.

I strolled along the streets to kill time.

I didn't cut it off.

I'll leave Claire alone.

Matthieu asked Dannie to be home by six-thirty.


Let me tell him what I know.


It should be noted that "let me go" and "let go of me" do not mean exactly the same thing.

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I would prefer a room with a southern exposure.


Steve is hardly ever late for appointments.

I think I can live off the free food they give in the canteen.

I wouldn't want to show you up.

We'll kill him.

They shoot them off over the lake.


She will be able to swim soon.

That man is on trial for the murder of a little girl.

We went to the Asian supermarket.

I'd like to transfer some funds from my account to another account.

I'll do it the way you've told me to do it.


The dog has lapped up the milk.


I spy with my eye someone who must die!

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You are very attractive in blue.

Most of the people I chat with on Facebook are students.

Did you talk to them?

I will take you to the zoo one of these days.

Unbelievable! We saw a black sheep on the shores of Copacabana beach.


Warren's wife testified against him.


How many aircraft carriers does the US Navy have?