AHABAT's General Archival Inventory

Welcome to the General Archival Inventory of the Archdiocesan Historical Archive Monsignor Bernardo Augusto Thiel, entity belonging to the Archdiocese of San José (Costa Rica) whose mission is to gather, preserve and make available to the interested parties the archival holdings produced by the organizations of the Archdiocese, as well as in general of the Costa Rican Church.

For this, it uses the free software application called (319) 434-5062 (Access to Memory ), based on the standards of the International Council on Archives (ICA).

Consult 812-260-7218 to know more information about how to consult the General Archival Inventory, as well as the (518) 656-3278 for general information about our Archive and the Archivo Eclesiástico blog to access news and articles related to its archival holdings.