Srikanth has a son named John.

I never forget too.

What is a cancer cell like?


That was the idea, wasn't it?

I was deeply shocked to hear of the tragic death of your beloved son.

They're holding a clearance sale.

I know the boy standing over there.

You're not even sweating.

The great difficulties stand in the way of its achievement.

I would like to know who my parents are.


I would sooner die than get up early every morning.

I'm not going to say anything against Trey.

Do you think he will like it?

The multinational corporation lowered the price of several products.

It smells like shit here.


I couldn't afford a lawyer.

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Once, if I remember well, my life was a feast where all hearts opened and all wines flowed.


Don't let it stop you.

The boy slept eight hours.

You told me it wouldn't rain today, so I didn't bring an umbrella.

Tyler has not yet arrived.

The mystery of her death was never solved.

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Gypsy's birthday is October 20th.

Where did you learn to dance like this?

We're very different.

Why worry so much?

I'll take a shower.

Many Lojbanists live in the United States of America.

Shatter was seated in the driver's seat of the car.

Glynn threw the car keys to Samuel and she caught them.

Their lifestyle is different to ours.

Some children are swimming in the sea.

I really want Christian near me.


No, please don't concern yourself. I have learnt to do as the Romans when in Rome.


I could do that for you.

Someone might get hurt.

I was wandering mindlessly.


Pria can't take any calls right now.

His opinion is in conflict with mine.

All her cats are sitting on the roof of the car.

When the breaker tripped and it became pitch black, the baby got scared and started crying.

How many chin-ups can you do, Diana?

Isidore told me not to open the envelope until my birthday.

They are good friends of his.

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Every sentence in that book is important.


Where's my sister?


What kind of shoes are you looking for?

I'm going back for Lindsay.

Art brings bread.

She gave me a watch for a birthday present.

Let's do what Gigi wants us to do.


I drew an ace.

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As for the theoretical side, Peterson's claim is pertinent to our discussion.

It's nothing to be sorry about.

He cooked me dinner.

Margie arrived early.

Is it just me or is there a cat there?

I rang the bell and waited.

That's not so bad.

Those good-for-nothing layabouts were sacked.

Jesus was a good man.

They needed you.

During the eclipse, the moon became blood red.

I talked to everybody.

His company didn't survive the crisis.

You can't help me.

Sir and Amir immediately became friends.

You missed a lot.

I asked Ken where he had gone for lunch.

Alberto has been reading my mail.

I paid for Rafik's ticket.


You've got a license.

"Where's the water?" "It evaporated."

Marci was unsure what Hugh would be like and he wondered whether she would get along with his friends.

Suddenly, there was a commotion.

Mahesh told me that he wants to meet my parents.


There's a bus stop in front of our school.

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I always need an extra blanket in the wintertime.

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To live is to have doubts.

I saw more than Mark thought I saw.

Leigh wanted to keep Spock all to himself.

Barrett was wearing a pretty dress.

Who's your daddy?

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We were sitting in the guestroom and drinking tea.


Reiner just came.


This old coat has had it.


Gerald isn't yet able to write his own name.

I took over the wheel at Nagoya.

After their parents died, their grandparents brought them up.

Marvin stayed at an old and cheap hotel.

I was your age once.

No one believed her.

Space travel is no longer a dream.

Have you already met?

This is Copacabana!


"Bea, clean your room." "I'll do it later."

I put you through to her.

I give John the apple.

Alex can speak both French and English very well.

Somebody killed him.

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In fact, he's a billionaire.

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Grab a seat.

The tubes are clogged.

The dictionary that I bought was delivered to me this morning.

The line starts back there. You can't cut in like that.

You'll get hurt.


Fishing is illegal around here.

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I keep this little saint in my wallet because he brings me luck.

I want you to stand guard.

You know about her, don't you?

I'd like to meet her someday.

What is it, Vicky?

You want to learn Russian? But that's even more vulgar than French!

He laid down the gun.

I must give it to him

The teacher is with the school principal.

They live two flights up.

She arrived with a group at a dance competition.

Carlos made a huge mistake.

The forest is teeming with monkeys.

They were parachuted deep into enemy territory.

I think most of it's true.

They have their own culture.

I'm saving as much as I can.


I told Galen what I was planning to do.

We glutted ourselves with lobsters and other seafood.

Can you tell me what this is about?

Are you really afraid to be in the same room with Roy?

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

This explanation doesn't mean anything!

He handed in his paper.

I feel that I should help you.

Listen, you don't have to do this, all right ?!

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He has no family to support.

The meeting room is downstairs.

Are we safe in here?

Are you going to eat at home or go out?

I have to look for my friends.

That was a very great dinner.

This curtain is made of fine material.

You are feeling it, aren't you?

Come tomorrow.

That's a good guess.

The fugitive made a run for the border.

Men usually like wrestling as women do not.

Now I have my composition written.

This squirrel is not shy.

We rarely come across big names.

You taught him well.

Some words are hard to define.

Keep moving.

The supermarket is on the other side of the street.

Part wants to talk to me again.

Don't play in this room.


I just wanted to talk to you.


One of my six Facebook accounts was suspended.

I don't think you did a very thorough job.

I wonder what's for dinner.

They are out of hand.

The man aimed a gun at the detectives.

Rhonda doesn't need to go there if he doesn't want to.

The first thing I did after getting home was taking my shoes off.

I don't want to be evil.

She is in great anxiety about her son's examination.

It was very kind of you to visit me when I was ill.

That's no way to talk to your teacher.

She was at home at the weekend.

The family of my wife is very rich.