Don't touch that doorknob.

Trey wrung out the towel and hung it up to dry.

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I apologize for being late.

Nobody likes him, because he is always blowing his own horn.

I thought you might back out.


The line is busy again.


He tried opening the door.

Hirotoshi is now the manager.

He saw a lot of animals on the road.

They made him an offer.

Do you know your size?


You should've come sooner.

Part of her treatment required that she undergo radiation therapy.

I call on him every other day.

I hope this medicine works.

Antonella is willing to lend us three thousand dollars.

Don't let this codebook fall into enemy hands.

This is the most beautiful country I have ever visited.

I want to know how you got past the guards.

He claimed to be an expert in finance.

This won't hurt at all.

Make sure that you do it yourself.

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He really likes the United States.

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They won't put up with this, when they find out.

Donn should be able to do it.

Pass your plate and I'll give you some more meat.


I had to protect Donne from Bob.

A house is built on top of a solid foundation of cement.

It is necessary for you to help her.

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I'll be back in a while.

Drivers need to pay attention to the traffic lights.

I might talk to Colin.

Mix the salt, dry yeast and flour in a big bowl.

He has two languages at his command besides English.

I think that he is too young.

I know you helped me.

The date has been appointed but the place has not.

Look what you've done to me.

I ask you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.

I went to the casino.

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Have you ever tried adding a Mentos to a bottle of diet cola?

Since it was raining, we stayed at home.

Do you have anything to say in particular?

Open the cupboard to the left, the bottles are in there.

You're always smiling.

There is quite a bit of water remaining.

I expect to be called away soon.

Special forces and marriage don't go together.

Sergio confessed that she had given Jayesh her phone number.

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May we go home?

I will not ask- or else someone will respond.

Littering in this facility is subject to a maximum fine of $500.


They're getting ready.

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She has done her homework.


Not everyone in town likes Bjorne.

The cabin was torn asunder by the storm.

Why did you go over my head on this?

Trying tried to hide his smile.

Elliot didn't want to go, but Joyce made him go.


No one's seen them.


He was accustomed to sitting up late.

I'll be passing by your house at the start of the vacation.

I was totally shocked.


I think we're all used to the food now.

Suyog certainly hasn't told Rafael yet.

I thought Carlo was guilty.


Talking of Mr White, where is he living now?

When an object moves away from Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in longer wavelengths. When an object moves toward Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in shorter wavelengths.

Can't you do anything to help them?


A lot of people do this.

More and more Russian soldiers lost hope.

Helen doesn't enjoy eating spicy food.

It's easy to find an example.

We should find out when Mats's funeral is.

I managed to bring him around to my way of thinking.

When does the restaurant close?

I've apologized, so lay off, OK?

Delavigne perfumes have acquired quite a following.

Raman can't come. She has to take care of her daughter.

I had the article accepted by a travel magazine.

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Do you know where Agatha is?

I like to snowboard and ride dirtbikes.

Occupational stability is of great concern to recently graduated students.

I must go to work early today.

We can't leave our suitcases here.

When you return to your company, don't forget to keep in touch with me.

Attention, please!

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Is there a reason that you're asking?

Boston is a nice city.

I don't like to watch tv.

Even in paradise it is not good to be alone.

Tell them I'll be right there.

It's difficult to answer this question.

Jim is a zookeeper.


I'd be happy if you'd help me.

The plane took off at seven.

It was ten years ago that he first came to Japan.

That's very different.

This law is applicable in every case.

You've taken the trash cans out.

It's an emergency.

Why didn't you use it?

What does this word exactly mean?

We have a train to catch.

Sandy and Hugh started talking at the same time.

If you want a hotel, look, it's just down there.

My vocal range is from E2 to E5.

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Now it's our turn.

Would the two of you quit bickering?

Why not let them try?

I don't want to force you to do that.

It was clear that Hanako did not wish to marry Taro.


English Wikipedia will be unavailable today.

Per hasn't been in Boston long.

The doctor says I need to quit worrying so much.


I went to the creationists' museum.

It's not just a theory.

We'd like you to sing some songs.

The quality of tea is going down.

The professor rejected me for personal reasons!


He made money from that business.

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Did you get the information you needed?

It sounds exactly like Seymour.

He graduated from college at the age of 22.


Dan decided to go ahead with his plan.


The book is on sale throughout France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland and Quebec.

Hillary is a fast swimmer.

I told the police everything I know.

Sea turtles always return to the beach where they hatched.

There was a high turnout to the election.


We knew something had to be done.

This isn't the only copy.

Christopher Columbus's "The Idiot's Guide to Killing a Shark Barehanded" and "The Twenty Ways to Strangle a Giant Squid" both went on to become bestsellers.

You'll see it again.

Christopher told Joyce to wear what she wanted to wear.


I'd say we are definitely in for a bad time.

At funerals we don't tell jokes, and we don't laugh!

Only an ardent fan could create such a faithful pastiche of the artist's works.


The plants are happy.

Greg ought to stop smoking.

Rajiv seemed to be having a good time talking with Brent.

Wait until I tell Kent about this.

Things spiraled out of control.

I read the novel in three days.

I need Jeannie to do a couple of things for me.


He looks as poor as ever.

Marc regrets his mistake.

It's my pleasure to come to your university.

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She fired me.

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How did you know it was there?

You will miss the train, unless you start for the station at once.

Do not forget to take your umbrella when you leave here.


I worried about Allan's health.

That's very mature of you.

I am quite unhappy about it.

Kamiya doesn't know my name.

Bush respects human rights.

You wouldn't have liked me the way I was three years ago.

Hohn was captured in battle.


I knew what he said was true.

Do you know how fast you were going?

I'm excited about that.

The army is continuing its antiterrorist operation.

The man was quite a stud and had several girlfriends.