This is a dog resembling a horse.


The marathon will be held, rain or shine.


Priests don't have wives.

Let me worry about that.

I don't make as much money as I'd like to.


Keep Naomi out of trouble.

I need to think about it.

I'll wait at the door.


I can't play the piano, but she can.

I didn't even notice you.

I believe you're honest.

The new station building is under construction and will be completed soon.

There's no room for anything more.

I think there's something you didn't tell me.

I met with Daniel again.

They intend to join the two in marriage.

Nick looks younger than I expected.

We appreciate his difficulties.

I wish I could swim.

Suyog is unbeatable at chess.

Can I go to your house to play?

He's got an uncle who works in a bank.

Niels has gained a lot of weight.


That is a strange sentence.

I don't recognize him.

She is in the habit of keeping late hours.


He refrained from drinking too much.


Whatever you do, don't tell Huey about what we did.

What about the office?

They were very assertive.


I told Rayan to go.

Madness has no more limits!

I opened my eyes.

I'm beginning to get scared.

Did you like the bicycle?

I looked for him in the supermarket.

You can go wherever you want to go.

You seem to like fruit.

I don't want to be judged just by my appearance.

I got hurt today.

Brenda has never been kissed by Andrea.


You never asked me.

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Are you ready to begin?

Extreme cold covered Europe.

What matters the most to you and why

There being no vacant seat in the bus, I kept on standing.

I really appreciate your offer to help me clean out my garage.

She left for Osaka yesterday.

We were cut off while talking on the telephone.

Maureen told Naim how it happened.

Let's stop and stretch our legs for a bit.

The bomb has been planted.

Patience is a virtue.

I'll meet with him tonight.

How did Hienz lose so much weight so quickly?


Never fuck with a fucker!

Train compartments soon get cramped.

Srinivasan should recognize this.

This is insoluble in water.

Large cracks started to develop in the concrete.

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How did you survive?

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Edith was older and wiser than his friend.

Such evil customs should be done away with.

Keep him safe.

He didn't participate in the discussion.

Saul failed because he didn't study.

To make matters worse, it began to thunder fiercely.

Marie has lost her umbrella.

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I didn't expect results straightaway.

He wound a bandage around the wound.

I won't follow you.

I want to be young again.

John noticed that Neville was following him.

My children are threshing wheat.

I've got two kids. One of them is a boy, and the other one's a boy, too.


I had no choice but to do it.

"Shall I close the window?" "Yes, please."

Cathryn is actually very particular.

We'll deal with Myrick later.

I think that he is from China.

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Arne likes Clark's younger sister more than he likes Alan.

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Jane said he didn't have to wait very long.

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That's an old wives' tale.


I'm going to have to ask you to stop coming here.


How was the movie?

They went out to Australia seeking gold.

Marsh didn't have a bicycle when he was growing up.


You're not as beautiful as you think you are.

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Sanand is a famous restaurant critic.


Finally the children saw a little orchard in the middle of the mountain with apple trees growing inside it.

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The chair is of a non-red color.

Don't think little of the ants' lives.

That child got bored.

Don't tell them about this.

The blare of the radio burst upon our ears.


Sumitro never expected that Nelken would fall in love with John.


Each time I tried, I failed.

He hit a home run in the first inning.

He is better off than he was.

Did you give Honzo that dog?

The President took a hard line.


I caught sight of the boy escaping from the classroom.

Carl and Jeany haven't arrived yet.

The cause of death was not accidental.

Rajiv poured another glass of wine for himself.

You should seek a teacher and learn the method of spiritual practice that is best for you.

Paul doesn't speak Portuguese well.

You have your orders, people.


You know that's the truth.


The only thing that matters is that you are safe.

Will you go to Boston with me?

Hunting is prohibited in national parks.


Evelyn was wearing a neck brace.

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She is economically independent of her parents now.

I must obey him.

I think that song sounds better in French.


Most of them urged him to take the job.

I have a pretty good idea where Marla went.

The idea was simple.

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There were enough.


Malcolm bought a rose for Denis.


Do you want to go to a movie?

These two are standing abreast.

Clay felt that he was getting old.


Tolerant is now working for a secret service agency. However, he can't say which one, because that must remain a secret.

True friendship is priceless.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

Marcos and Gypsy are too young to get married.

I think I'm losing my mind.

I'm confused.

I don't know her address.

The translation is extremely faithful to the original.

She has her toes in the water.

I'm the type who gets nervous in front of people, so I'm bad at speech making.

Loyd isn't going to like it.

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Now watch this.

This place is too noisy for me.

I undertook responsibility for him.


Duncan knows better than to lie to me.


Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was murdered.

What don't we know?

However, I think that before making the decision to arrange an international wedding, one should weigh the considerations for and against, and be prepared for the additional challenges that generally occur in the lives of the family members.

The dead ones won't be here.

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Edmund will do all the talking.

I am writing a novel.

How old is your uncle?

There's lots of rain all year.

Leave my camera alone.

Why didn't you tell me three hours ago?

Lynn asked the teacher some questions.


Tomorrow two young Esperanto speakers are coming from Europe.

Why would Venkata want me to help him?

The tourists as well as local people come to the square for shopping.

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Val doesn't yet know what I want to do.

Why can't you?

Izchak meant exactly what he said.