What did you expect?

Promise me you won't laugh.


I have to talk to them now.

The planets follow elliptical orbits.

I think we should leave now.

We want you to marry her.

If a tree falls in the forest, and there's nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?

Raja could make you laugh.

She's waiting for you at home.

I have never killed nor injured anybody.

He is busy correcting test papers.

He comes of good stock.

I just learned something new about David Cameron.


You will eat lightning and crap thunder.

I want to have fun.

Casey was my hero.


The new secretary types about 70 words per minute.


That wasn't what Claude meant.

He painted the ceiling blue.

She met him three years ago.

Nobody else knew about it.

I don't like where this is headed.

The actress brought the whole silly play to life.

Choose such friends as will benefit you.

I am not going to betray you.

He finally decided to try.

I asked Irwin to come see me.

Ahmed isn't the kind of person who makes that kind of mistakes.


There is a post office in front of my house.

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I think we've had enough to eat.

Dan used to be so scared of big hairy spiders.

I live in Boston now.


Can you recommend anything?

As long as people are people, there will always be a stage for tragedy.

Robert occasionally visits me.

She sat down near him.

My pencil is red.

I need you to talk to us.

A new means of communication was developed ???the railway.

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Amir loves it.

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I think it's over now.

I've got them in my office.

So far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.

It snowed for days on end.

I'm not sure.

People often confuse the difference between an argument and a debate.

I'm looking for information about Boston.

Please shuffle the cards carefully.

She had no more paper.

He represented Japan at a conference.

Jun has a family now.

I love you so much.

We make butter from milk.

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We were compelled to put off our departure.

Jessie sat at the far end of the table.

Naoko came back to Japan.

Our friendship is greater than our quarrels.

There's something here.

Is it true that Terry doesn't like to swim?

You're always busy.


Raif saw Floyd and John arguing.

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Isidore has been extremely cooperative.

The writers know many songs.

Sir didn't let his children go to Bucky's party.

I couldn't close my eyes.

It did not go well.

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I had an argument with Morgan about the use of marijuana.

You've lost the ability to concentrate.

I'm watching TV.

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This microbus takes 25 passengers.

It makes you look older.

Vijay wouldn't have been able to do that without Malaclypse's help.


It was a church event.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you his number.

Bert and Sundar plan to attend several Halloween parties.

Dwayne pushed Pratapwant off the diving board.

I knew I'd be blamed.

I've heard from Varda.

We're touched.

Dave hasn't heard from Scot since last June.

I knew you weren't from around here.


At last, they ceased working.

I think I did well.

Fish live in the sea.

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I'm happy to help.

I thought Franklin was going to cry.

You can operate a crane, can't you?


It's time to call it a night.

This place is suitable for swimming.

My father is a good person.

The prince was changed into a tree by magic.

I saw Tuna and his dog in the park.

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I want you to go to your room and pack your things.


I guess this is yours.

I probably won't watch this.

I'm waiting to hear from Ami.

Just talk with him.

Shhh, you'll wake up Bjorne!


I don't burn them.

You forgot my birthday.

She felt a pain in her side.

The milk tastes sour.

Shutoku always has the cutest profile pictures.

It is 7 o' clock.

I've been helping him.


It is difficult for beginners to enjoy windsurfing.

I'd like to go through just one day without being told I need to grow up.

I can't tell you why Ninja is late.

Cliff needs to get out of here.

Those children were covered with dirt from head to foot.


He contributed to the common good.

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Before you are finished, you will have been through fire.

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He wasn't able to reach his goal.

She did her job.

I think she is withholding information from the police.

The shopping district is easily accessible from our house.

Let Hitoshi send the letter.

Do you know any of the children in the room?

I wish I could have been more help.

I allowed her to go to the party.

I see a crown.

He always insisted that he was in the right.

Darin is a member of this organization.

Even though he's got a lot of girlfriends, he's still not a player.

We're out of milk.

She never dreamed that her son would commit suicide.

This is an old book with a new face.

What would you like for breakfast?

It'll soon be six o'clock.

Raphael doesn't like modern art.

We just met.


My father opposed my decision to enlist in the special forces.


Has Brian said anything more?

I hope Loyd is right.

Are you texting Sherman?

Suwandi is at home.

My family always keep early hours.

I can't let you drink by yourself. Let me join you.

You aren't going to tell Torsten, are you?

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It's time for you to go home.

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Her bag is the same design as her mother's.

I thought Sergei would buy a new car.

Where should I transfer?

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I must leave early tomorrow.


We need to be going.

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The musicians acknowledge the applause.


She eats lunch here from time to time.


This book was not a goal, it was a direction.

I can do it in a week.

I'm pretty sure Gilles will be punctual.

I like to chop wood.

Amanda, call security, right now!

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Would it be OK if I asked you a personal question?

The Allies slowly gained control of the Atlantic.

As you have a fever, you'd better stay home.

I don't envy you.

What's your goal here?

Which one of you is Ann?

That isn't going to be a problem.

I miss you a lot.

Where did you overtake them?

The accomplishment of this task took many years.

It appears my mail on January 10 did not reach you.


He gritted his teeth and forced back his growing fear.