Kenn's coffee mug is next to Julianto's.

Whether or not he will come is doubtful.

He was such a natural when it came to ad libbing.

Radek and Pat were sitting next to each other on the couch.


Russell isn't here, is he?

Duane is an intern.

I think that I'll be in Modena at around 9 o'clock.


All natural objects and phenomena used to be considered as having kami, so the gods of Shinto were uncountably numerous.


Hume quickly reloaded his gun and fired.


Hank fell down on the floor.

Install Linux!

Do you guys need anything?


He was granted permission to leave early.

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You can proofread sentences and "adopt" sentences that you think are good.

Dan was brokenhearted.

Check again.

Tracey is the right man for this job.

When it comes to cooking, you cannot beat Kristen.


Did you get in touch with her?


Time will pass quite quickly when you read something.

She didn't get caught.

I want to know who called.


Mysore has been very kind.


Elementary and primary school children don't yet know good from evil or reality from fiction.


Let me know as soon as he comes back.


Noemi took her pistol and shot it.

The log floated down the river.

My father doesn't drink hard liquor.

Cristi sensed something.

Russ turned another page.

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They sold a refrigerator.

You seem to speak French fluently.

I don't really remember.


Tiefenthal knows it's hopeless.

You won't believe what Don told me!

Wolfgang is always trying to make everybody think he's cool.

Why did I not know this?

Don't disrespect me.


Vincent told me Merton is in the hospital.

She chose the red dress.

Doing business is really difficult.

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I thought my head would explode.

All my friends have children.

He will be given American citizenship.

The school adopted the new method of teaching English.

I work too much.

He suffers from agoraphobia.

School begins at 8:30 a.m.

"Hey, pal, are you thinking what I think you think I'm thinking, or are you thinking what you thought I've been thinking?" "Wait, who are you anyway?"

I bought it with my own money.

They turned to look at him.

We know that Marty has been shot. That's all we know.


I am full of doubt.


We're finished, aren't we?

It did not end well.

Kanthan's a smart guy.

He read to his heart's content.

Anton and Brent have the same opinion.


When he asked who had broken the window, all the boys put on an air of innocence.

I watch the BBC.

I thought of making myself a beautiful wooden marionette.

If you're planning on doing it anyway, the sooner, the better.

They did not support one group or the other.


In Esperanto there are only 16 grammar rules.

Eva works as a gym teacher.

His hair almost covered his whole face.

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Many Eastern religions teach that there is a unity behind the diversity of phenomena.

My cousin isn't the kind of person who'd ever break a promise.

I'd rather that we get a divorce.

We know how to get around traffic congestion.

French is spoken in Switzerland.

I'm easily amused.

That's right.

Ned hopes that it doesn't snow tomorrow.

Tovah will miss the train if he doesn't hurry.

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We needn't have called the doctor.

More and more people are deciding to stop eating meat.

I'm here to rescue him.

Harmon probably won't even try talking to Naoto.

He's quite crazy about golfing.

We're resourceful.

They were all out of apples, so I bought some bananas instead.

I'm pretty sure Jerry has been lying to me.

I've been playing the bongos a lot.

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Bruce and Sridharan spent all Saturday morning together.

I never feel at ease in his company.

The ship passed under the bridge.


I'll join you later.

Why did they hire you?

She has many dogs.


I have just received a letter from a friend saying that she is coming to see me next week.

Resale of this item is prohibited.

This pencil cost me at least a hundred bucks.

Clifford is inclined to be lazy.

Jeannette is reputable.

Lord's father is an alcoholic.

At such times, I think of my family, not my friends.

He stole a very valuable diamond ring.

Charley loved Winnie, but she didn't like him at all.

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Some numbers are very large.

Vickie carefully raised the lid.

I enquired of a passer-by which road to take.


Mott's family is happy that he's back home.

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Audrey was my boss three years ago.


Are you enjoying good health?


Don't let Nadeem jump on the bed.

Do you have fresh strawberries?

Let's get a drink.

She has no clue who she's with

Everybody thinks that they are ready for their old age.

Did you know Louise had a twin brother?

Eric has immunity.


We'll stay as long as we can.

We'll fight.

Keep me advised.

They refused to let the trains move.

Are you good?

I need to ask you some questions.

They possibly did not feel welcome.

Marcia drank too much wine.

His squeaky-clean image will probably get him elected.

We have a few questions concerning Sassan's medical treatment.

Why are people scared of us?

It is an honor for us.

Is anyone going tomorrow?

I just saved you about three hundred dollars.

I've always admired Emma.


Siegurd arrived after I left.

Kiki couldn't make up his mind.

All things must have an end.

You were there, too.

This has been the most awful day in my eleven-year-old life.

From now on, I won't smoke anymore.

They did not invite me to their wedding.

Spass finally came home.

Go home now.

I realized that what I had chosen didn't really interest me.

One man was killed.

You worry too much about your weight.

We couldn't find it.

I'm sorry I let everyone down.

Stick another stamp on the envelope.

Claude opened the book.

Imagination is the root of all civilization.

We have been dating for only a few days.

We've had much more snow this winter than is normally the case.

You don't have to be so strong.

Can you tell us what it is?

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Both boys and girls should take cooking class in school.


A child's mischief often causes a fire.

You can't leave now.

He was closely occupied with his writing.

If you eat three square meals a day, your body will have the energy it needs.

I've been thinking a lot about you lately.


What did you get him?

How could Naoto do this to us?

Churchill was a worthy statesman.


He's a sucker for beautiful women.

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She showed him my picture.


We never get enough.

There was a great conflict between religion and science.

I want to go on record as being against it.