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The Asylum

We are taught that Madness is a curse; something to be feared, cured, and/or shunned. But Madness can also be a source of tremendous strength and creativity. It has been said that to travel a well established path is reasonable, and therefore, all true progress comes from unreasonable people straying from that path.

As our name suggests, Madness by Design embraces the philosophy that by choosing when and where to apply it, Madness becomes your sword, your shield, and the chains of Sanity are cast off. While most people think of an asylum as a prison, the word asylum also means, "sanctuary". We are all free to come and go as we please here.

Enjoy your time in the Asylum. Stay as long as you like. After all, it's your choice...

The Omnivator 1000

The panel to your left has the controls for the Omnivator 1000. In a world where Madness reigns supreme, elevators are obsolete. While those simple slaves to gravity and other physical "laws" can only travel up and down, the Omnivator 1000 can move about the Asylum as you please. Up, down, sideways, diagonal, from any point to any point; the Omnivator 1000 gets you there in style...


Much of the Asylum is still under construction, so please wear head protection at all times.