Learn How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude. Adopt a Life of Love and Understanding. Know Peace and Serenity Everlasting  with
‘The Gratitude Plan’

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The Gratitude Plan

“No matter who you are, no matter your station in life or the cards you’ve been dealt, you deserve to find happiness. Don’t let the negative impact the positive, Without your dark you wouldn’t know your spark,” Debbie G Gratitude Alchemist

Use the Teachings of Gratitude to Better Yourself and Those Around you

When you begin to experience the resonance of the Gratitude Vibration, a deeper understand will awaken in you and you will emerge from the shell you might not have known you were in as a better, stronger, healthier, wiser you.

  • You’ll come to understand that gratitude is a state of being that can be learned.
  • You’ll learn simple ways to communicate gratitude to strengthen the connections in your relationship.
  • You’ll learn how mindfulness can help you uncover gratitude in your life.
  • You’ll learn how to use meditation to cultivate gratitude in your day-to-day life.
  • You’ll discover how gratitude can make you more optimistic, more thankful, and more energized.
  • You’ll learn how gratitude can help you find meaning in your life

Get Your Copy of the Gratitude Plan

Your journey starts with a small commitment, but the rewards you will gain will far outweigh the cost. The book will come with three tokens of Gratitude in the form of a Mind Map, a Resource Sheet and a Checklist, all of which are yours for life

Study Your Newfound Guide and Heed its Lessons

Through this book, you WILL be able to manifest gratitude. You will find that life has a certain new flavor, that colors are more beautiful, that our souls are sacred and should be guarded against darkness

Love Your Life

Living in gratitude is a wondrous thing, just make sure that you always pay it forward

Your Astral and Physical Benefits

We are excited to inform you that the purchase of the Gratitude Plan will be accompanied by some earth shaking additions

I've had the privilege of experiencing Debbie G's work first hand....she took me on as a boot camp challenge to get me to the best of my abilities....I was wowed by such great techniques....it coincided with where I wanted to get too ....that place spiritually....as I'm a tarot/runes reader/healer/cleanser.....just that boot camp got me excelled to the level I want to be at....not to mention the great connection I found with her....she has a heart of gold....with a sense of humor to boot....I'm so grateful on all levels....Kind regards Stacey.

StacyFrom New Zealand

Debbie G is one powerful and energetic teacher and healer. Personally, I had a deep soulful experience with her awesome power and energy! Get real with Debbie at her high energy, transformative workshop!

Michelle LandersSouth Florida's number 1 Numerologist

Debbie G, is the founder of the explosive, forward thinking Spirituality Gone Wild! Debbie, is an accomplished, graphic designer, TIME Heals master trainer (reiki on steroids)....and takes life coaching to a whole new level with breakthrough, customized methods in the mot loving way imaginable.
Words don't teach, life experience does. Come listen to her story, be in her energy. She will spark your"G" vibe. what's the "G" vibe? it's in all of us, it's gratitude and that God force that is within all of us. Join her, and she'll give give you your wings to fly and soar, like never before!

Barbara R. Taylor

About Debbie G

The Gratitude Alchemist

Debbie Garcia, also known as Debbie Gratitude – The Gratitude Alchemist is a life coach and a practitioner/teacher of the Gratitude Arts. One knows themselves better than anyone possibly could, so please enjoy this excerpt about Debbie G, from Debbie G.

“Gratitude and how does that exactly change your life, this thing, that word gratitude ? Well first off, for me, it’s the realization that I that had tried all of the other options and nothing was working, so I figured may as well get into gratitude about where my life was at. That included, at the time, massive grief and the deep knowing I am not in control over shit other than my emotional state. Gratitude is the one thing, and yes it’s a thing, that shifted what I viewed as transgressions, trials or problems to a beautiful new view of gratitude moments. When I began looking at life through gratitude it became a gigantic field of endless opportunities and limitless experiences. 850-476-0475

Pay It Forward

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