Naomi died in 2013 of cancer.

This is not the way it's supposed to happen.

The shadow falls upon the wall.

She will soon clear away these dishes.

This surveillance camera is our silent witness.

That was very clever.

I need to get something done very quickly.

Francis is the man of the hour.

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What time do you get up every day?

Wendy told me about it himself.

Simon wasn't very polite.

We should be going now.

Do they learn English?

Jim looked right and left before he crossed the road.

This is the wrong way!

That store sells top of the line purses but everyone knows they're really just cheap knock-offs made in China.

She is a dreamer.


You like a tiger.


Do you remember your father's birthday?


You're an evil person.


I woke up at three.

This was happening often in the summer.

She came back in the room when we spoke ill of her.

We knew it was going to be tough.

Kristen felt vulnerable.

I must have made him sad when I told him that his French professor had died.

They are in the pocket of big corporations.


Barbara is used to cooking on a campfire.

That man is a wet blanket.

You shouldn't feel bad.

They're insincere.

Tanya owns this land.

She's not afraid of political correctness.

When does the last train start?

Many years ago I wandered for a while on highlands completely unknown to tourists.

Ahmet is not quite as tall as Shari.

He's drop-dead gorgeous.

Just do what you want.


Just watch your step.

You didn't give me what I wanted.

There's someone at the door who wants to talk to you.

Linley escaped injury.

I really can't accept this.

Among the products of this region, cotton predominates.

Houses can't be built in this area.

We'll call if we have any further questions.

It is best to use plastic chopsticks to eat and wash later, instead of using disposable chopsticks.

Eileen asked Shari to tell him about the house she had lived in when she was a child.

The teacher dismissed his class when the bell rang.

It is difficult to keep abreast of the international situation these days.

He put his hand on my knee under the table.


I was doing some shopping downtown.

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She left her bag behind on the rack when she got off the train.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.

Each of us has something in us that longs for a sense of oneness with others.

Validating an angry client's feelings is an effective way of defusing the situation.

Who painted this?

Price acknowledges he is a devout Christian.

I don't know if he was praying, but he stayed the entire morning in the church.

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I was the one who suggested Theo keep a journal.


This time is different.

Why are you reading that?

Don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

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No, he's our business manager.


His salary is too low to support his family.

Tell her you can't do it.

Are you still convinced Naresh was the one who did it?


Will you tell me how to get to Shinjuku?

You'll have to go.

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He brings home the bread and butter.


We ate eggs.

I don't intend to answer any questions.

You're dangerous.


Patricia was living in Boston last year.

Let us see who can tell the biggest lie, and the one who lies the best shall have the whole cake.

Are you asking me out on a date?


Skip knew Agatha would be late.

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"Do you need something?" "Yes, I need to talk to you."


I'm not the thief, you are a witness!

Did you get something to eat?

I thought about that all day today.


I don't know how long this will take.


Don't say anything without thinking.

I'd just come in the door when the phone rang.

How many books do you possess?

We have a lot to learn from other cultures.

He had to pawn his watch.

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This is the dog that chased the cat that stalked the mouse that lived in the house that Jack built.

Wes had no idea that Knudsen was already married.

Linley won the gold medal.

I didn't tell Earnie about Tao.

I would rather starve than steal.


I'd like to improve my French.

You need to prune the roses.

Think must remain in his quarters.

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I heard you might be in trouble.

That auditorium holds two thousand people.

Siping is acting on his own.

Panzer quickly reloaded his gun and fired.

Boys flocked to the attractive woman like flies around a honeypot.

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You and I usually share one opinion.


This is a dangerous mission.

Who's that lame boy?

You can do it. It'll be a cakewalk!

He met his end in a rusty bear trap.

Is this an invitation?

Jacob has been trying to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

I won't return to that terrible place.

The job filled every minute of her day.

We'll be neighbors.

It is my belief that sincerity will be rewarded in the end.

Kenton is on his way to Boston.

It's a place where people feel safe.

Do you want to Romanize your language? Maybe, you should.

If Lester could've been here, it would've meant a lot to Sanche.

I was tired because of my work.

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How can you have a belfry without bats?

My students are learning to drive.

U.S. revisionists take a hard-line approach to Japanese relations.

I want to make this perfectly clear.

I think Raj is being disrespectful.


Would you say I was annoying?


You have a point there.

There he goes!

How is this word pronounced?


Are you speaking frankly?

Donnie doesn't get along with his coworkers.

We didn't expect it.

There can be only one interpretation.

Gideon and Lloyd both should know better.

Jingbai and Anne had a child and called him Elric Junior.

I am happiest when I am reading.


He pulled aside to let a truck pass.


Syd was catatonically shy as a child.

Srinivas didn't know what David had to do.

Yvonne waited for Suwandi outside.

I'll stand by you through thick and thin.

We're going to have to deal with this.


Of your two suggestions, I think I prefer the former.


Will he die?

Sandeep will assist us.

Has anybody seen my beer mug?


What was her answer to your proposal?

Stagger brought Pam a box of chocolates.

I don't use it.

You said you made a list.

Today's land problems are the product of years of neglect by successive governments.

We communicate with each other by telephone every day.

There are certainly many interesting things you can learn from him.


We have PE class.

There is a bus stop down the road.

We went out from there at eleven.

My clothes are over there.

May I go home?

Are you ready to admit you're wrong?

I really want Raif near me.

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The honest Benignus loved life extraordinarily, but he loved gold prodigiously.

I pretended it didn't happen.

Dad goes fishing whenever he's free.

But, soft! Methinks I scent the morning air; brief let me be.

I've been doing some calculations of my own.