My brother studies as hard as I do.

Sho had a sealed envelope in his right hand.


He knows how to exercise by himself.


Dirk is an entertainer.

In addition to his regular job, he has a lot of other activities.

He never said it again.

Niels got into a fight with Marshall's brother and got his nose broken.

It would be better if we didn't change our plans.


The candles lighted the room.


Hiroyuki was hours late.

No, no, my dear.

Kent and his friends played basketball all afternoon.


Mariou never tells Stefan anything.

I didn't give you permission to use my car.

It looks like you are from India.

They accused President Johnson of being too soft.

We don't know exactly.

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He is better off than he used to be.

A person who chases two rabbits won't catch either.

He met with an accident and broke some bones.

The truth is I've never even met Syd.

I'm not sure how they could have confused the two men since one is tall and skinny and the other is short and fat.

Stefan is dressed very nicely.

Himawan was only stating the obvious.


He has coffee-colored shoes.

I feel like having a cup of tea.

I play the piano a little.

Jayant is well known as a singer.

I don't really trust him.


Is Val cute?


The cabin was built of logs.

I think you shouldn't invite Jeffery to your party.

I can't settle for this boring life.

I was in bed by nine.

Where is the closest hospital?

Happy Father's Day!

I'm sorry I ruined your party.

He is quick of temper.

You really kick ass!

Thank you so much, my friend.

That boy dug a grave for his dead animal.

Having a slight fever, I stayed in bed.

He slept an hour.

Have you heard the rumor about Patrick?

I, too, have been to Boston many times.


As a teetotaler, Rand dislikes being around drunks.


We thought the enemy had captured you.

She had the box carried to the first floor.

It isn't a pleasant thing.


I wear my old coat in weather like this.


You're the first person to mention that.

He changed schools last year.

I have nowhere else to go. Can I sleep at your place?


We feel very confident.

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This packaging material provides heat insulation.

His escape attempt was successful.

There's a fuel shortage even in the Tokyo area.

Flight number is JL123, on August 23 for Tokyo.

Don't leave me alone with him.


I like to invest money in interesting projects.


I didn't mean him.

Can you understand the meaning of this sentence?


Nobody visits Susumu.

The former is inferior to the latter in some respect.


My son made a small bear out of pipe cleaners.


I don't think Ann would want to go to Boston with you.

Sehyo was irresistible.

An epigram is a short, sharp saying in prose or verse, frequently characterized by acidity or acerbity and sometimes by wisdom.

This phenomenon cannot be explained by science.

The temperature is very low today.

Erick was going to shoot me.

What's your favorite kind of art?


I think I fell asleep during class.

You're a tease.

Les is lying. I didn't do what he says I did.


Would you give me a break?


She has a bit of a bad temper.

Earl has only been there three days.

What papers do you take in?

Hold Colin tight.

That's the one thing I can't do.


Thus money in circulation drops, and price escalation quietens down.

Annie might help you if you ask him politely.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

Wait. I want to show you something.

Why don't you leave him then?


Nobody's taking a bath right now.

Hasn't anyone seen Alvin?

You should act according to your conscience.

Iron is a useful metal.

He succeeded to his father's large property.


I'm listening to your heartbeat.

Let me tell you why you shouldn't be here.

When we are young, we wander on a path, a path of exploration, a path of ebullience, a path of happiness, a path on which we believe that everything is so magical and that all will go our way; however, when we egress from our rainbow-colored shells, we realize this is only a fabrication of reality.

Prices will go up.

We can get one.

Many a man has predicted it.

All at once I saw a human form in the distance, and, to my surprise, soon recognized that the traveler was a woman.

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The girls bought him a watch.

He has a reputation for being very wise.

Living costs are getting higher.

I know it's not healthy.

I abstain.

We will defeat them.

I'm not going to be home that morning so I won't be able to check my email on my computer, so text me it instead.

Could I have a sample taste?

I'm not on drugs.


That's a nice skirt.


I'm not a mind reader. You need to tell me what you want.

She's a lovely young girl.

Call a plumber.

I thought Seymour would be safe here.

But how did you manage to recognise us?

Each part of a book starts with references to its author's life: a passage from a read book, a question directed to a stranger on a roadside, something shouted by a girlfriend.

During the Industrial Revolution, people worked 16 hours non-stop.


Huashi smiled at the audience and took a bow.

My dad lied to me.

We aren't going to help them.

First come, first served.

I cannot use a computer. There is no power.

I'll tell you what to buy.

None of the other students spoke to me.

Juliet pinched my arm.

It seems like her style.

I can't believe you actually read the book.

He almost forgot his money.

You can't seat Lowell next to Pantelis.

Did Monica hurt anyone?

As I thought, she's a virgin!

It's time to leave this place.


Who will count the stars?

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We're on our way to school.


We had to stay home because of the storm.


I'm fine now.

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Having endeavoured to force upon himself the belief of a system against which reason revolts, he ungratefully calls it human reason, as if man could give reason to himself.

I like all of them.

I shall never give up.

Did we run over something?

"I feel sort of dizzy." "You look pale. You'd better take a day off."

He was slain in battle.

You didn't tell anybody about Leslie, did you?

I'm not serious.

Isabelle is considering his options.

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I met Lowell after work.

I don't have a guitar.

It may be said that a man is known by the company he keeps.

Pratapwant really is clueless.

What do you have against me?

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I think I should help Lynne.


Why would they hire you?

We're all a little bit crazy.

Turn right there.

I used to love going to the beach.

Well do I remember the night view of Kobe.

Can I make a reservation for golf?

We'd better wash up.

Gene was groping around in the dark for his glasses.

We need to take a break from each other.


He is the king of the night.

I never expected this to happen.

I didn't understand half of what she was saying.