Project Management

Agility and execution on your projects and teams, we combine our experience with technologies and people to exploit strengths and create value on each project.

Business Optimization

You can find a perfect partner in us to boost your business based on technology. We get involved in our client’s strategies and we take actions to improve existing business processes supported by technologies or redefining them from scratch.

Software Development

Software Development is our Core and we enjoy providing development solutions to our clients and partners. From transactional systems and mobile applications to complex IA processes we help our costumers to achieve their goals.

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Some of our Skills, there are plenty more!

We put our skills and passion in our client’s hands, we are constantly learning new ways to bring creative solutions and building a vast network of associates that boost our skills set when needed.

Data Science

Today we found that Collect, Store and Process big amount of data is crucial for understanding consumers and trying to identify new opportunities in the market for our clients. We help our clients to solve their data challenges, predict demand for products and service or enhance the information infrastructure. We use tools like Hadoop and Elastic Search to collect data and optimize the processing time in our client’s processes.

Android and iOs

The consumers rapidly moved to Mobile technologies on the last years and smartphones become the standard for putting your software tools in front your clients, employees or providers. We help our customers to put their product on consumers hands!


Lightweight services components makes your company agile during a development process in which you might need to change the course of your technological product. They also provide an easy way to integrate different applications. In NaN we are familiar with managing processes and technologies that needs to be agile and cross-platform.

Geografical Information Systems

“Location is (Still) Everything”. Many industries and problems require technological solutions that imply a relationship with the physical world. Geographical Information Systems helps in this scenario to map deferents business variables with the real world and put that to work in the decision process. We work close to ArcGis (Corporate GIS software) Partners and with Google Maps technologies to address GIS solution.

Business rules engines

When having complex business rules in your industry or business, a business rule engine may fit your needs and becomes useful for saving time and reducing errors. Airlines Industry, Pharmaceutical industry and Retail business might have complex scenarios that needs to be addressed by a rule engine. We use a vast toolset of Java technologies like Drools and jbpm for quickly give solutions in this field.

Web Development

Distributed web applications are in every day of each corporation. They use web-based application for daily activities, and most of their employees have to log in and work in a safe way on this applications.

Everything is in the cloud now, so we use the web applications to manage the data in the cloud, run processes and take decisions. We help our clients to achieve these goals with rich web-based applications, scalable solutions and taking into account the user and his experiences.